SQ Pilots’ Pay


Straits Times reported that SIA pilots’ salaries were revealed in the pay dispute court case between SIA and its pilots’ union.

Captains flying Boeing 777 planes take in a median of $271,888 per annum, which excludes allowances. Their First Officers receive a median income of $149,258. First Officers are “junior captains” – they become Captains upon promotion.

According to AskCaptainLim.com, a national airline pilot in the US commands up to US$250,000 per year. According to the same website, a Captain with the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) receives a gross pay of up to RM35,000/mth including allowances.


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  1. Hi all its me again andrew

    I would like to ask David Seah a question(hope he still visits this thread) 😀

    How did you get into flying coporate.

    Did you start of in SIA or did you grow up in the STATES where you went through a flying college?

    Or were you military?

    How did you build up your hours to get employed to fly coporate?


  2. Hi Andrew,

    Sorry was away for a long holiday in between work.

    First and foremost why are you so interested in knowing about flying corporate? Usually guys who self sponsored to take up flying will eventually want to join a good Airline and move up the industry ladder to become management perhaps. But from what mostly I read from your posting, it’s contradicting oneself.

    As you mentioned this is a public forum, please respect my wish to remain silent on my background and experience.

    I feel that you should be asking the experts aviators here some of them whom are professional major Airline pilots for more advise on how to excel in your Airline interview and making sure you get employment into the system.

    Get your CPL first is your main piority Andrew.

    Good luck and safe landings

  3. Dear David Seah,

    I am sorry for probing too much into your background. I want to know more about this option of flying corporate as an aviation career.

    I like many other self sponsored individuals want to join a good Airline (SIA).

    The reason why I kept asking about your background is because I was hopping to learn from your experiences and your career path. Was hoping maybe i could follow the same path you took. Like copy your success 😀 They say the greatest flattery is copying right?

    As for the previous post about whether to get the CESNNA rating is because when I finish my CPL course and University in Australia I will be 24. Unfortunately SIA will only hire Singaporean Male at 26( I hope it will be changed by then) So I have 2 years. I do not want my skills to deteriorate, so I think the best way to maintain my flying skills is to get a flying job.

    However I do not think it is easy to get a flying job in australia. Because I feel that if there were openings they will be reserved for Australians. The cheif instructor of the school which i take flying at also told me if i am not looking for jobs in Australia I do not need the CESSNA rating.

    I think I should go ahead with the CESSNA rating as its a really popular plane and would help with my employement almost anywhere e.g. (sight seeing tours, parachute freight) Do you agree with this?

    All I am looking for is some advice on what i can do with these 2 years.

    Once again I apologize if I made you unhappy.

    I really hope to hear from you again.

    Best regards

  4. Hi Andrew,

    It is good to see you are interested in maintaining your flying currency. Having said that, as far as I remember, your type ratings are not that crucial when it comes to passing the interviews. There is no secret formula to getting accepted. I would say if you display the qualifications, drive and personality to land a great job anywhere in the private sector, that would put you in equally good stead to be accepted to Singapore.

    Cadets, who are accepted on local terms, usually go through full or near-full flying training. Yes, this applies to CPL holders as well, due to licensing hurdles from CAAS. As such you will have to redo most of your flying anyway. This is something to bear in mind.

    Finally, regarding the post about degree holders — I would say that the Company does prefer degree holders, all else equal. However, in my opinion, equally important is english proficiency. I have to deal with various accents on the airwaves and if I am unable to converse clearly and concisely, this adds another layer of risk to safe operations.


  5. Dear Karl,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I have a friend who passed all the interviews (SIA) and is now waiting to go to Australia for further training.

    He said if I have a Australian CPL I would have to take the ATPL papers but I would not have to redo most of my training and will be bump straight to the Jet trainer package. Skipping basic flying training.

    Do you know what is the training route for people who have an Australian CPL?

    Also do you know if SIA has lowered the limit from 26 to 24?

    Once again a big thank you to karl, David and all other pilots and non pilots who have posted their advice and comments

    Best regards

  6. Hi Andrew,

    It is good news if they now skip the basic flying training as that would save you a lot of time and trouble. Personally though, I remain doubtful. While it has been some time since I was in a Cessna, I don’t think the system has changed significantly, if at all. The obstacle lies not with the airline but the regulatory authority, which seems reluctant in cross-approving foreign licenses. The only ‘approved’ foreign flying degree is in NZ, and even then it wasn’t a free pass to jet training. However, as I said, if they have since changed their view, that would indeed be good news for you and your friends.

    As for the limit of 26 — this is somewhat fluid. If you asked me on the record, I’d probably agree that 26 was the policy — but this can be waived depending on circumstance. I wish I could elaborate more but each applicant’s reasons for getting through varies a lot and there is no one, fixed path.

    I am not aware of any lowering of the limit to 24.


  7. Dear Karl,

    Thank you for your reply. I am always grateful for advice. I have decided to go ahead and get my cessna rating. It would open up more doors for me. And SIA cadets fly cessna anyways so i guess added advantage for me? Since I have the rating for it arleady.

    I am still crossing my fingers and hoping SIA will lower the limit officially haha.

    Thank you Karl for your reply

    Best regards

  8. Hello anyone applied and got called up for cadet programme for 2010 this year? any idea when is the next intake?

    thanks alot


  9. not anytime soon on

    Jay: not anytime soon. why wld they want to hire now when the airline industry is taking a hit and some pilots are sitting on the bench?

  10. Hi Karl,

    I’ve applied with the SIA and have an interview soon this coming friday with singapore airlines as cadet pilot. BTW i’m 23 this year only.

    I was previously from RSAF as a pilot trainee, but was chopped at my basic flying phrase at pearce. Though i had gathered 40+ hours of flying from turbine engine CT-4B, and turbo prop PC-21. Does it help at all with my probability or chances to be selected as a member with SIA?

    It’s really the passion that keeps a person drive there. And it keeps going and going. I hope the never give up spirit will inspire people who have dreams to keep trying for what they inspire, don’t be afraid of rejections.


  11. Hi Jeff,

    Congrats on being called up! And its good to know oyu are only 23 haha. As you can see from my previous post i am hoping SIA lowers its limits.

    Wow those 40 hours must be a once in al ife time experience flying the PC-21. Did you manage to pull alot of Gs in that?

    I am sure your epxerience will help with your chances to be selected. Could we keep in touch? my email is [email protected].

    I have yet to take my PPL cant wait to get it over and done with. But the Cirrus SR 20 i fly is in maintanence.

    All the best to your interview this firday!


  12. good chance on

    Jeff: I think you stand a good chance due to the fact that you were previously a cadet pilot with RSAF and you have already clocked 40+ hours. So i think they might let you through though you dont meet the minimum age of 26 years old for Sporeans.

  13. YEAH JEFF PLEASE MAKE IT THROUGH!!! then it will also give me hope that they will lower the age limit for me too when i get my CPL….Aussie one though hope its still ok… Hopefully they are still hiring in 2011….

    Cross my fingers and pray. haha

  14. Thanks for all the support. 2 more days to my interview. I’ve done up alot of research on SIA already. Intensive research and going through all my pilot notes I accumulated back then in the airforce.

    Though i’m quite rusty now, but then hopefully they don’t demand too much of the technical aspect from me since I was once flying.

    This is a website i came across:


    It provides alot of information and tips to help you prepare for ur interview.

    Andrew, I hope to make it through and thus motivate you. PC-21 can pull up to 8Gs, and I passed my G-FET training in singapore to fly there. Every god damn mother turn also can feel abit of Gs. LOL. And feel free to message me. My email is [email protected].


  15. Hi Jeff,

    Apologies for the late reply as it has been quite busy at work lately. Perhaps you having previously tried for the Air Force might make it easier for the company to ‘plead your case’, should your application be successful. Having said that, it is rare to hear of a Singaporean getting in early on these grounds.

    Nonetheless you seem to be genuinely passionate about flying. If your application does not go through the first time, try and try again. I wish you well, perhaps we might even meet some day.


  16. hey.. thanks for the advices. I went for the interview and they asked me to describe myself and asked me how was my flying in RSAF. Then they proceed to tell me that I am indeed too young to be in the airline. The minimum cut off age is 25. But then they tell me to apply 2 years later again and this time they will recommend me to come for interview. They say it would only be fair to give me the chance for an interview. So yea, i’ll finish my degree course and re-apply when i’m older. =)

  17. Jeff: No offence but i think it is right for them to do that because it is only fair to the existing cadets as well as those who have been waiting or waited for 2 years. ANyway, it is only 2 years. Time flies….

  18. Hey guys. Can anyone advice me on how i could be a pilot?:) Im truly interested and hope to achieve my ambition.

    I’m 19, currently studying in Temasek Polytechnic in Engineering Business. Going for NS next year though. Haha. I’m wearing contacts at 400 degrees, and is it still possible for me? Or has my chances slimmed down.

    Its really great hearing the feedback of experienced pilots here at this forum. Every time i travel, the pilots were always in my mind. They’re like guiding the whole fleet of passengers and stewards/stewardess. It gives me a rush of adrenaline just thinking about it ! Haha.

    I’d really appreciate it if you could advice me on my career path, like taking licenses or signing on RSAF?

    Thanks in advance!


  19. Dear Bad Chance,

    I dont think its fair for the government to only allow us Singaporean males to enter SIA at 25. Infact I dont think this age rule is fair to any of us. I do understand that they have this age limit to ensure that the first cut of talent can go to the airforce to defend our country. But by doing this Singaporean men are at a huge disadvantage. Our good neighbours from malaysia by the time they are 30 i think they will be captains. For Singaporeans I think its more like 37. Why must we be set back 7 years just because of this? 7 years is too much time.

    I am not saying that we shouldnt have NS or it should be shorten. I am all for NS i served as a platoon commander and an Ops Officer. What i dont understand is why people like Jeff who has flight experience and is arleady OUT of the Airforce is still being Chained? Its not like the Airforce is going to call him back again. Seriously this Airforce rule is very detrimental to us Singaporean men.

    I personally feel very sad. Because i felt that i really gave my best during my NS for those 2yrs. I did my share and I did it whole heartedly. I am sure Jeff feels the same way. And for all this my government still wants to clip my wings for another few years. And for what reasons? There are so many people applying for the airforce and so many who do not make the cut. But doesnt mean you cant fly for the military means you cant fly at all. Does a Airbus captain have to withstand 8gs? Does he have to run through his preflight checks at breakneck speeds? Military flying and civilian flying are very differnt.

    Anyway if anyone sees this and can explain to me why our governemtn is having this age limit thing please explain if you can totally debunk me is even better. At least I wont feel so unhappy with a good reason.


  20. Dear Ariff,

    Haha your mesage is indeed cliche. sorry had to agree with toariff. I even went to see whether there is such a site iwanttobeapilot.com.sg LOL..

    Anyway I got advice for you.

    I am from poly too SP. You know after poly you got this long break before they call you for NS right?

    Use this time go to Malaysia and get your PPL rent a room for 3 months. And just fly everyday and selfstudy your ground school super hard sure can pass one. My freind did it for 9k SGD i think. Which i feel is pretty good rate. Once you got your PPL. If possible go flying once every month so that you dont rusty. Then before NS comes go apply for Airforce do the COMPASS test. Then when NS come do your best for BMT. Get into OCS. With your COMPASS results already being processed and your PPL hopefully they push you to Airwing or go work at CMPB there and wait for your turn to fly.

    And even if you get chop no worries you still got a PPL. And with that you can still clock hours from time to time and one day show SIA how much you clocked haha. And if you want to go further it to CPL i think going to NZ or Australia is better. Or maybe you can go Langkawi. They got this CPL course there. But i never really trusted those big schools where you had to buy uniform and go to class cause alot of ground stuff actually you can learn yourself.

    So ariff there is what I have to say i hope you get into the Airforce then there will be one more Malay pilot. Hopefully by now got more already.

    Best regards

  21. Andrew: If they remove the age limit of 25 years old now, how would those who had waited till 25 feel? Bet they would be cursing and swearing because you guys would end up being a first officer much earlier/younger than those guys who had waited.

    Dont ask me how i know about this but the reason why SIA wants to impose this age limit is because they want to take in cadets who are mature enough to manage the stress/pressure and know what they want in their career. Grooming a single cadet into a first officer is a hefty investment for the company. Hence, SIA would like to ensure 100% ROI on the investment.

    The training that the cadets have to undergo is tough and requires perseverance. SIA is afraid that young men (21-24) would give up halfway due to a change in interest or because they are unable to take the stress/pressure/hardship.

    Dont ask me why the age limit is not imposed on non-Citizens. I am clueless as well. 🙂

  22. foreigners good on

    cos SIA likes foreigners more. you mean it’s not obvious enough? women have AWARE to fight for their rights, but citizens don’t have anyone to turn to when faced with such unfair recruitment practices. how sad. oh, maybe i can “upgrade” to be a foreigner by giving up my citizenship…

  23. Hi bad chance. Yeah I am also clueless on why the age limit is not imposed on non citizens…. But dont you think our government should give us first piority?

    As for the age of 21-24 i dont think the guys will give up half way there shold be a clause in the contact to prevent this.

    Also do you know Australia is now officially starting a new cadet program. Which will train pilots within 18 months. You can join when you are 18 and by 19 you would be in teh right hand sit of one of jetstars planes. If other countries can do this why not Singapore?

    Anyway nice hearing from you bad chance. Guess we will both be left clueless on the no age limit of foreigners.

    best regards

  24. Dear Foreigners good,

    Haha cannot lar i still like my home country even though it has its flaws.

    Anyway become foreigner sometimes also can be quite difficult leh. Look at Australia now got problem with the asylum seekers now harder to get visa. why? cause everyone wants to go there. Live here so relax who dont want man…

    Anyway I am still hoping for the day the age limit is lifted haha

    Best regards

  25. Dear Andrew and toAriff, thank you so much. & Andrew, i’ll give that route a try. Sounds really promising:)Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it, and HOPE YOU MAKE IT TOO!

  26. Ariff: Dont mean to splash cold water but dont put all your hopes in it. Though we always hear about friends’ friends getting in, they are just the minorities From what i know, SIA receive thousands of applications each time. Out of these thousands of application, just a handful get through each time. Its a bonus if you can get in but its not the end of the world if you cant get in because there are so many other jobs that pay better than being a pilot. Unless you are really going for the passion or the chance to screw stewardess then i must admit that there might not be any other job that could offer you the same.

  27. Dear toAriff,

    Haha why everyone must link screw stewardess to pilots all the time. If I am not wrong the actually get hte stewardess and pilots to stay at different hotels… Maybe Karl can educate us on this haha. Long time no hear from him eh…?

    I agree with toAriff its soooo freaking hard to get in but i can say that if i dont get in its teh end of the world coz as a self funded student after you spent that amount of your parents money if you dont get in its not only the end of hte world for you but for them!!! MOMMY DADDY I LOVE YOU! haha And also I really love flying although yes there are many other jobs that defintely pay more. I know one ! Housing agent !

    And dear bad chance i will be turning 25 in about 2 years time haha i dont htink they will change the laws so soon right. Haha but you never know!

    Last but not least big hi to Ariff again. Yeah go give it a try but remember you were warned by toAriff and others its not easy and not a sure route to the airlines… but hey one step closer better than none right? I hope those flying schools in Malaysia have changed thie cessnas so rickety and old dont know whther save or not haha. If you can find a school in malaysia that have diamonds in thier fleet that would be the best. I think its super cost efficient.

    Best regards to everyone

  28. ToAriff: Hahahaha ! Was laughing like mad when i saw the part about screwing the stewardess. I’ve heard loads of stories about it, hope its true though=/ HAHA. Appreciate the heads up though. You’re right, i should try my best, yet be prepared for the worst.

    & a big hi to you too Andrew:) You’re definitely right about wasting parents money. A one step close surely is better than none! & thus we shld both keep on trying! Haha. Its only 2 years, time flies by pretty fast. Btw, Andrew, is it possible that i get to know about how and which school your friend went to for 9k?:)

    Thanks in advance!

  29. Ariff: the part on screwing stewardess is definitely true. It is one of those undisclosed but yet well known “perks” of being a pilot. That is why the interviewers tend to select guys who are not very good looking because good looking pilots will monopolize the “market”. 🙂 If you look around carefully the nexttime you fly or when you are at the airport, i am sure you will notice that pilots are NOT tall, dark and handsome (these are just myths). Or perhaps $$$ can make someone look better LOL.

  30. wah lau….. toariff you sure or not? your this statement on how interviewers choose people… if you say they choose better looking people i think its more belivable lar… I never heard BAD LOOKS was a good criteria to have seriously… Got sooo many pilots out there are tall and not exactly bad looking. You go holiday can see for yourself when you are at the departure rooms at Changi.

    But you know sometimes i think after a trans atlantic flight wihch can be 12 hours you still got enery go sleep with one har? (Flying can be pretty exhausting…) Wah i then i think dont be a pilot lar just go be some marathon runner since got so much energy. haha.

    And dear Ariff just go google then type something like flying schools in johor sure got alot of hits one. I think its at subang? cant remember really. You go and google our local flying schools first lar. See how much is thier price and what kind of training they offer and waht planes tehy have in their fleet.

    Best regards

  31. Andrew: i have never said that BAD LOOKS is one of the criteria. All i am saying is that pilots are not as good-looking (tall, dark, handsome) as what people perceive them to be. Seen alot of short, chubby, balding ones 🙂

  32. yeah but you seem to be saying that. aiyah nvm lar dont need to look good is also good haha.

    shorter easier to fit in cockpit mah haha

    balding must be due to sleep deprivation and stress haha

    Chubby coz i think with the money and good hotel good food should follow haha

    Best regards

  33. Whoa that sounds scary. Okay its decided, i’ll turn bald chubby and short in the next 4 yeats=O Haha. & Andrew, thanks. I’ll try and look for the schools. But as you said, I hope their planes are new

  34. Hi Arif,

    hmm sensitive question… My personnel opinion is if you are the only child I dont think it would be a problem. As for whether you are malay or not it is an open secret (you can go and google this journalist from other countries have written about it) that our military hasnt had many malays in high ranking positions or in sensitive departments of the arm forces.

    But I think our government is softening up now. Recently we had a malay general. And there are malay pilots in the RSAF.

    Anyway I dont think because there so little malay in the RSAF means that there is racial biasness. THink about it so many chinese apply and only how many are left at the end of the day. If I am not wron the number of chinese is more than Malay in our country. So the starting pool is arleady alot smaller. Thus it may seem that RSAF prefer non malay pilots when infact maybe there just aint many malay trying out for the position.

    Also our country is very proud of its meritocracy so I dont think being malay would affect your prospects.


  35. Hi everyone! I wish all the SIA pilots here can help me find out the truth. If you don’t mind guys, I would just like to know if you know an SIA pilot named KELVIN KO.Or if you don’t mind, if it’s possible if you can check in your airline such pilot I mentioned. The reason is kind of personal and I really just want to find out the truth about this person. I would highly appreciate it if you could research the name for me. According to Kelvin, he flies an A380 airbus, he’s been in SIA for 16 years now and he used to be in RSAF for 8 years. Please, SIA pilots, I would be very glad if I could find out the truth from you.God bless to all!!!

  36. HappYness From Within on

    @ Anti-Pilot in reference to your March 10th 2010 comment.

    I know this may seem a tad too late, but I’d just like to offer my 2-cents worth. i’m one of those flyboys, and it doesn’t matter how big my bacon is (many of you shld’ve known it by now) & evidently not as big as yours. unlike you, i live in a HDB flat, i don’t drive an aston martin but a Toyota, & i commute to work the way many other people do – by BMW (Bus, MRT & Walking). I take the Circle Line from Lor Chuan to Paya Lebar, then transfer train and on to Tanah Merah, and transfer train and on to Changi Airport. I’m not sure if you even know what those stations are. And this leads me to my question, (and i’ll like to put it out to all readers as well, especially non-pilots) does this make me a loser or any less of a man?

    I love my job btw, and every morning I wake up, i look forward to pushing that aircraft throttle to V-R (rotation speed). Unfortunately & sadly, I don’t get to fly everyday. The redeeming part of it is that most days I send my son to school & pick him up afters for a swim or run that I do at a very public SengKang Swimming Complex (can do our running anywhere la hor?). On days that I fly, i’m engaged in a whole new set of adventures and I keep telling my missus “I can’t believe i get paid to do this!”.

    Aviators will know every single sortie/flight is a rewarding adventure and, yah we do sometimes bitch about missing our families & not being able to spend CNY at home, but you will never find a pilot who regrets this career choice (in the local context of course. Regional pilots in the US get paid 20k a year!). I however, know a few financiers & asset managers who quit their jobs to be teachers or property agents. So by your definition are these individuals losers?

    Yar i will never own an Aston DB9 (nor will i wanna own one. i sold off my Fe F430 couple of years ago & frankly, buying it was the most hare-brained decision any living individual in Singapore can make), I rented out some of my properties & chose to live in a HDB flat instead & I take the train to work, and you know what? I’m contented as hell. I don’t work overtime, my flight schedule is given to me 2 months in advance for me to plan my time around my family and friends. You my friend, with tt wonderful job and a gazillion dollars/mth salary, sounds… well… bitter.

    And the comment you made Quote: “Imagine, EVEN A DIPLOMA HOLDER can be a pilot”. I really don’t know what to say to that; Speechless. I don’t know what diploma holders did to you to warrant that but they are an integral part of our society & not any less deserving our our respect. It really paints something of your character and you as an individual. I invite people to comment on anti-pilot’s above statement and seriously, it doesn’t take an aviator or a banker to see the problem with the sentence.

    PS: I love driving supercarS with a CAPITAL S. But i drive them on the Alpine roads in Switzerland or on the Autobahns in Germany albeit with rented cars. Since my job offers me the time and freedom, and that is another adventure my friends & i do pretty frequently. Beats racing an Aston Martin against a Perodua Kancil from one traffic light to another.

  37. Dear HappYness From Within Says

    Hope you will see this soemtimes soon. I am andrew. I think you saw some of my comments up there. Frist i would like to say THANK YOU FOR TELLING THOSE PEOPLE OFF IN SUCH A NICE MANNER. BIG APPLAUSE TO THAT!

    Secondly I just got my PPL!!! now waiting for Australia side to print out the piece of paper haha. Can i ask whether you fly for SIA cargo or passenger or silkair? Or another aviaiton company that operates out of Singapore. Are you ex air force?

    My email is [email protected] I hope to hear from you as i am sure you have alot of experience that I can learn from. You sound like a very friendly down to earth kind of guy would really like to meet you when i come back to singapore in december to take a break from UNI.


  38. Hello everyone and andrew.

    I have spent the past hour reading through the comments on this forum. I must say, some of these comments have come across as constructive and some, well, I don’t have to say it i guess..

    But nevertheless, as you all know, being a pilot is not just all about being one. You need to know yourself first before even stepping in to OPS room or even flip through your NOTAMs. The integral part of being a pilot is your technical ability to comply with the needs of this job. In case you non-flyboys don’t know. Flyboys are also known as technical crew here in 9Vs.

    Sure I have came across some arrogant pilots, but think about this, 3 years of training, every single freaking day doing RTL, NAV, and then comes your sorties. that long road to East Camp, i will surely tell you, it’s a bruised ego they have because they worked so effin hard. But if you compare to Cabin Crew, 3 MONTHS training and they get paid more then the flyboys training for those 3 years, in the early parts earning WAY LESSER than CCrews.

    To those who think being a comms pilot is just about pressing the white rectangular switch on the pedestal, think again. true, we can engage it anytime above 200FT AGL but we rather manually fly it till 7000FT AGL or above before letting Mr. AP do the rest. What the hell is a spoon for if you don’t know how to use it the right way. And for you clueless people, computer systems can ditch us anytime, so no matter what 2 good men are still needed in the deck yea?

    To antipilot, I want to say something, please do not take this as flaming but I just need to say this. Pilot training involves something called, “Human Factors” The same thing engineers and technicians in the aviation sector study. Since you are from finance, i dont think you have studied this before. Before you start downtalking , here’s a phrase for you to memorise on your way to work in your aston martin.

    ” An airplane is made up of 8 million rivets, it takes ONE to destroy it”

    P.S : I studied Aerospace Technology so I know haha. 😀

    To Andrew, good luck in your career path as well as Arif. And anti-pilot, I hope you’ll be my pax some day so I can teach you a thing or two and you can teach me a thing or two as well. Let’s share instead of flare.

    Happy Cloud Surfing Flyboys!

  39. Just to add, there are quite a number of Diploma Holders operating our 9Vs. Why can’t a diploma holder be a pilot?

    Imagine a PHd holder who knows nuts about flying, he can still get cut from training if it deems competency ruling him out.

    Lastly. I don’t give a shit if flying pays me monkey food. I love what I do, I love flying and no one can tell me what I can’t or can be. my worst enemy is myself, no one else. and even then, I can’t tell myself i’m not good enough.

    Happy cloud surfin’!

  40. Hi Little Pilot,

    Thank you for your post i really like they way you wrote it. Honestly when I saw my name being mentioned I was a little afraid that I might have said something wrong hehe. Thanks for the well wishes by the really appreciate it. Can I know what company you are flying with? And how long have you been a commercial pilot?

    I like the part about flying the plane to 7000 feet before turning on the autopilot haha. It is way more fun. I guess there is no fun in flying if you let the computer do everything right? haha 8 million rivets and it only takes one that is like the best quote from a pilot I have ever read haha.

    Also how did you get your wings? was it self sponsored or did you go through a cadet ship. By any chance are you Singaporean? I think it would be great to meet any one of the pilots here. I could and want to learn so so so much from you guys.

    I hope other pilots will share thier experience and knowledge here.

    Best regards
    [email protected]

  41. Hey Andrew,

    I have PR status. I’m currently undergoing training but I would not wish to disclose what company. I guess you already know, it’s kinda obvious.

    I am more than glad to help you out if you need anything. And if you are in Singapore, i can drop you a visit provided my roster ain’t so tight.

    [email protected]

  42. Cx FO takes home HK$150K salary and hk$60k housing benefit.{excluding allowc]

    Compare to 9V we make peanuts for the same job.

  43. Hi everyone its me Andrew again. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! haha

    Can any Professional Pilot here tell me how long those it take (average) from the first day of training to becoming an FO?

    Also I have read on other forums and also from a friend who is currently a training cadet with SIA now that SIA prefers to take in people who have not done their own CPL training. He said that if i was trying to go for SIA I shouldnt waste money and do my own CPL as SIA prefers to train thier pilots in thier own way. Can anyone help to clarify this?

    Best regards

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