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If you are going to invest in property or just to buy one to live in, you gotta research on the recently transacted property prices. This will help you assess whether you can afford the property, and give you a good gauge on how much money to budget for.

Fortunately, there are free online tools to do just that.

For HDB apartments, go to HDB Resale Transactions Enquiry. Select your flat type and street name, and the recent transactions satisfying your criteria will be displayed. Information displayed include: town, block number, storey (range), floor area, lease commencement year, transacted price, and transaction date.

For landed property, private apartments, condominiums and ECs, go to URA Private Residential Property Transactions with Caveats Lodged. Select the condo development name (e.g. The Sail @ Marina Bay) or postal district, click Add, and then click Search. Standard information similar to the HDB search results will be displayed, except for the storey and lease fields. (Note that the remaining lease is a very important factor when considering a private property, so please find out about it through other means.)

And don’t forget to go through the checklist for buying property.


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