You think you know about Software Testing and Quality Assurance?


How Do Software Testing and Quality Assurance Work?

Technically, software testing and quality assurance make certain that your software or application has met its quality standards and presets standards to fast track its public release to the market. During the development process, testing shall be carried out throughout not “waiting” until the production is over to get tested at the very end. Software quality assurance helps to define and enforce standards, processes and procedures to make sure that software development is consistent, efficient and effective. All bugs, malfunctions, defects, broken code lines shall be detected and fixed on the spot, to avoid heavy expenses, and its effect on the quality of the product later on while cutting product time extremely shorter, an effective working model overall. 

What Are the Benefits of Software Testing and Quality Assurance?

A few highlighted benefits of software testing and software quality assurance worth mentioned are:

  • Software quality improvement: regular software testing ensures that the digital product meets the required standards, and performs as expected at any given stage of the product development.
  • Costs reduction: Identifying and fixing defects early in the development process is always much cheaper than fixing them after the software is released. 
  • Customer satisfaction enhancement: A reliable and stable software product would definitely satisfy customers’ needs and ultimately build up the customer loyalty toward the business brand.
  • Faster time-to-market: Software Testing and Quality Assurance processes can help to identify issues early, which allows for faster turnaround times in fixing issues and releasing the software product.
  • Effective collaboration: Software Testing and Quality Assurance processes require collaboration among different teams and departments, which shall lead to enhanced communication, teamwork and further understanding of the unexpected implications happening during the software product development.
  • Revenue growth: A high-quality software product shall bring and deliver the escalated revenue and profits for the organization in the long term.

What Are the Drawbacks of Software Testing and Quality Assurance?

Although, they come with great benefits, software quality testing and quality assurance do have their drawbacks that you might not know about:

  • Increased development time: Incorporating testing and Quality Assurance processes into the software development lifecycle might sometimes increase the overall development time. How come? It’s the fixing time that matters, bugs and defects can cause delay in getting rid of. If there are tight deadlines for software delivery, you might have to come up with a better testing procedure, hire extra personnels to have the extra hands in doing so, or outsource the services to get your deadlines in time.
  • Expensive: It’s funny, when you think about it. It can reduce the cost as well as double it, as the upfront cost of purchasing automated tools can be overwhelming for SMEs. The cost of testing and Quality Assurance should be carefully weighed against the potential benefits of improving software quality, or outsourcing such services can be your best option here.
  • Testing limitation: Testing and Quality Assurance can only identify defects within the scope of the test plan. It is possible for defects to exist outside the scope of testing since it can lead to issues once the software is released.
  • Limited skillset: Software Testing and Quality Assurance require specialized skills and knowledge. It can be challenging to find and retain skilled professionals on your team if you have just started out.

These are typical disadvantages that businesses sooner or later shall go through while conducting software testing and quality assurance. It might be troublesome to resolve and overcome these bottlenecks, however, don’t give up in software testing and software quality assurance for these reasons, your product’s quality and its performance should always ALWAYS stay at the top priority. The cost of having it enter the market is nothing compared to watching it failure as its quality does not meet your customers’ expectations. 

Note to yourself

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