Enhance your home with professional handyman services in Singapore.


Finding a reliable and skilled handyman is essential for maintaining and improving your house. MrHandyman.sg offers a wide range of services to satisfy all of your needs for house upkeep, repair, and restoration.

We are dedicated to offering excellent services that go above and beyond your expectations with the help of our team of professionals and years of experience. We offer plumbing, electrical work, painting, carpentry, and even odd jobs as part of our services.

Discover how our handyman services could improve your home and make your life easier by reading on.

What to think about before hiring a handyman in Singapore

There are several things to take into account while selecting a handyman in Singapore. First and foremost, you must confirm the handyman’s insurance and license status. Knowing that any damages or mishaps will be covered will give you peace of mind.

Experience is also another crucial element. Make sure the handyman has sufficient experience doing the precise services you need. Make sure the handyman is knowledgeable in electrical work, for instance, if you need electrical repairs done.

You should also take into account their reputation and client testimonials. Check out online reviews on several websites, such as Google or Facebook, to see what other people have to say about the handyman.

Pricing is a crucial concern, but it shouldn’t be your only one. Paying a little bit extra for higher-quality work is preferable to hiring someone who might offer mediocre services for less money.

Why do you want Mr. Handyman.sg to be your handyperson?  You should pick a handyman who’s  dependable and knowledgeable. Offering all of these and much  more, Mr. Handyman Singapore  offers a wide variety of services in addition to carpentry,  oil, plumbing, electrical work, remodeling, and home conservation.

Why choose Mr.Handyman.sg as your handyman?

This suggests that their crew is capable of completing whatever task you need done at your home or place of business.  They’ve all  had  extensive training, a lot of experience, and are professionals. As a result of their years of experience working on  colorful  systems, they’re equipped to handle any difficulties that may arise while working on your  design.    Handyman’s excellent  client service  platoon ensures prompt response times and quality service from the  original  discussion through  design completion. 

Your one-stop shop for handyman services

At MrHandyman.sg, we take pride in offering thorough handyman services in Singapore. Thanks to the skilled experts on our team who are equipped to handle a variety of services, your home will be in good hands. We provide a wide range of services tailored to your specific requirements, from minor repairs to extensive restorations.

Contact information

Phone number:   +6598211413
EMAIL:   [email protected]
Address:   21 Bukit Batok Cres, #09-79 Wcega Tower, Singapore 658065

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Services offered by Mr. Handyman.sg

Mr. Handyman Singapore offers a wide range of services to cater to all your household needs.

Appliance Drilling Services Singapore

Hire a hassle-free appliance installation and drilling service in Singapore. We provide drilling services for homes and businesses, as well as the installation of appliances, throughout Singapore.

Small Carpentry Work in Singapore

Discover Singapore’s specialized carpentry work and wardrobe solutions. For any form of woodwork repair and upkeep, hire qualified and reasonably priced carpenters.

Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Services Singapore

We offer emergency 24-hour plumbing services in Singapore. Leaks, clogged drains, broken faucets, and general plumbing maintenance are all things our team can address.

24 Hour Electrician Singapore

For any emergency electrical assistance, our Singapore electrician services are available around the clock. Call us today to speak with one of our certified and licensed electricians!

Book the Best Painting Service in Singapore

The best painting contractors in Singapore can dramatically change the appearance of your house. Find specialized painting solutions for both commercial and residential properties.

Residential and commercial drywall contractors in Singapore

Explore reliable and professional residential drywall services. To give the walls and ceilings of your property new life, choose a commercial plasterboard contractor in Singapore.

Professionalism and dependability you can depend on

You want to be sure you are working with experts you can trust when it comes to your house.

Our crew of handymen is committed to providing top-notch outcomes and is well-versed, skilled, and experienced. We value your time and make every effort to complete tasks quickly without sacrificing quality. You may relax knowing that your home is in good hands with MrHandyman.sg.

Home renovation and improvement services can transform your space.

Trying to make your house more aesthetically pleasing and functional?  For that purpose, we offer house renovation and improvement services. 

Whether your goal is to modernize your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, or make your living space more open, our pros will work directly with you to make your vision a reality. From the beginning to the end, we oversee every aspect of the project to ensure a simple and stress-free procedure.

Performing odd jobs and repairs

Prevent the accumulation of small fixes and incomplete projects. Handling those pointless small tasks that are frequently put off is part of our handyman services.

No matter the task, whether it’s repairing a broken door, putting together furniture, or repairing a leaky tap, our team is equipped to do it efficiently.

We put a lot of effort into providing you with prompt, trustworthy repair services that meet your demands, and we don’t think any job is too small.

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Specialized Services for Every Requirement

At MrHandyman.sg, we understand that different areas of your home require specialized attention. That’s why we offer a range of specialized services such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, wall mounting, tile installation, and more. Our experts are well-versed in their respective fields and deliver high-quality workmanship, ensuring that every aspect of your home is well taken care of.

Property Maintenance for Peace of Mind

Regular property upkeep is essential to guaranteeing the durability and functionality of your house. Among the many activities covered by our property maintenance services are inspections, repairs, and upkeep. You may enjoy a well-maintained and stress-free home environment by taking advantage of our customized maintenance plans, which are created to meet your needs.  


MrHandyman.sg is your reliable partner for house maintenance, repair, and improvement.

You can count on knowledgeable, dependable professionals who are committed to providing outstanding outcomes when you use our handyman services.

We have the skills to improve your home and turn it into a more lovely and comfortable area, from basic repairs to huge renovations, odd jobs to specialized services. Let us handle all of your handyman needs by getting in touch with MrHandyman.sg today.



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