Who Owns the Most Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a type of digital currency. It is considered a good alternative to government fiat money. As it is known, all printed paper money is controlled by central banks. This is how they regulate the state of the economy. As for Bitcoin, it is managed by a decentralized power in a specific decentralized network. In this case, blockchain technology is applied.

Although Bitcoin is not commonly used in retail chain transactions and the economy in general, there are several important factors that influence its value. It is possible to compare the cost of this currency and the cost of gold. These two items are strictly restricted in quantity and have quite specific application purposes. Digital currency is as durable as the precious metal. In terms of portability, the digital asset has higher portability compared to various types of precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Crypto can be easily split and in some respects proves to be more secure. Some crypto experts call Bitcoin digital gold.

Practice shows that investing in Bitcoin is quite profitable. This brings many benefits to traders. Read below about who owns the most Bitcoin today and why investing in this cryptocurrency is profitable.

Who Are the Major Owners of Bitcoin Today?

To determine who owns the most Bitcoins, you need to understand how many coins can be issued to the crypto market. It is about 21 million at the moment. If you want to buy Bitcoin with credit card for USD, pay attention that 14.75 million Bitcoins out of 21 million (a number that is defined as an invariable limit of their number) have already been mined. Therefore, who owns most of this cryptocurrency? There are several names worth noting. One of them is the Winklevoss twin brothers. Back in 2013, they purchased $11 million worth of Bitcoins. At that time, the exchange rate was $120 for 1 BTC. Since then, the value of Bitcoin has fallen only twice, but despite this, today it is much higher than the one at which the brothers bought the currency.

Buy BTC with credit card through the crypto app anonymously is not the only way to receive cryptocurrency. There are some other methods available. This includes mining and selling goods/services for digital coins. Ross Ulbricht has also become famous as one of the largest holders of cryptocurrencies in history. He earned large sums from online transactions. It is also known that venture capitalist Tim Draper purchased $17 million worth of Bitcoin.

It is rather challenging to define the names of those people who buy Bitcoins with debit card. The address that contains 65,000 Bitcoins is known, but the owner makes no comment on the state of own finances. As for other Bitcoin holders, few people store large amounts of crypto coins in one address. Therefore, it is also difficult to determine their names and the size of the available cryptocurrency.

Key Benefits to Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card no Verification

Those who buy BTC with debit card on Switchere.com instantly, make a good investment. It is the most reliable place for cryptocurrency exchange.  Here is the listing of advantages that you can get if you buy BTC with a credit or debit card online using a special app:

  • The growing Bitcoin value;
  • Great trading functionality;
  • Reliability of transactions;
  • Ability to quickly buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Thus, there are people who own a lot of Bitcoins today because it is an attractive cryptocurrency for investment in our time. You can also buy Bitcoin with credit card no verification cheaply on the trustworthy online exchange Switchere.com website and get a lot of favorable advantages.



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