Civil Service Bonus Mid-2022


The Public Service Division (PSD) has announced that civil servants will be getting an AVC of 0.35 months as mid-year bonus this year.

Even though unemployment rates declined to pre-pandemic levels in early 2022 and the domestic COVID-19 situation has stabilised, significant downside risks remain ahead for Singapore due in part to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has affected global supply chains and the growth of many economies.

Against this backdrop, the Government, in close consultation with the public sector unions, has decided to pay all civil servants a mid-year Annual Variable Component (AVC) of 0.35 month.

In addition to the AVC, there is a cash bonus for lower ranked officers:

.. civil servants in grades equivalent to MX13(I) and MX14 will receive an additional one-time payment of $200 while civil servants in junior grades equivalent to MX15 and MX16, and those in OSS Grades III to V will receive a higher one-time payment of $400.

Compare this announcement with last year’s mid-year bonus.

In addition to mid-year and year-end bonuses, we understand that some civil servants can additionally receive up to 2-3 months of performance bonus, typically awarded in March. Check out this very long Forums discussion thread.


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