Best Colleges in Canada for Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is undeniably one of the most demanding subjects for students pursuing higher education. According to Forbes, AI will lead to an estimated increase of 26% of global GDP, which will be around USD 15.7 trillion. So, it is evident why the demand for artificial intelligence courses has surged considerably over the last few years. Canada being one of the most popular destinations among international students, colleges providing AI courses are on the rise. But remember that the application essay writing is one of the main criteria for admission into these colleges.

Top Colleges in Canada for Artificial Intelligence

Most Canadian colleges are globally known for providing top-class education services for students. However, among those colleges, some of the best colleges providing courses in artificial intelligence are listed below –

  • Georgian College

In 2020, Georgian College launched a graduate certificate program in artificial intelligence for students. Students can opt for either the part-time or full-time delivery mode, depending on their ease. Furthermore, this course is of 1-year duration and is currently offered for fall, summer and winter sessions.

Most importantly, this course is developed to provide students with the competency to become AI system designers, machine learning analysts, programmers or implementers. Also, this program focuses on applied skills and constitutes machine learning frameworks, neural networks, conversational AI, AI infrastructure etc.

For admission into this program, students have to submit a letter of interest and resume to the program coordinator to access their prior experimental and academic learning. But, for international students, the admission process might be different.

  • Durham College

Durham College offers AI related two courses. The first one is the Honours Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence, which will provide a student with a Bachelor’s degree. The total length of this course comprises 8 semesters and is developed as a response to the impact of AI on global business processes.

After completion of this course, students can choose from multiple career options such as AI, data or machine-learning engineer, business intelligence analyst, deep learning engineer, automation architect, data analytics developer, big data developer, data analyst and data scientist.

The second course is the graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Design and Implementation. The length of this program is of two semesters, and the third semester is optional. For admissions, students have to have a diploma or a degree and proof of English language proficiency is required. However, students must note that this is a graduate-level program, and they must have competency in computers, statistics, mathematics etc.

  • Lambton College

Lambton College provides an Ontario College Graduate Certificate course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This course is designed to provide students with knowledge, skill and training in AI and ML. Furthermore, students will learn ways to solve significant business problems, such as generating business analysis, advanced trend analysis etc.

For admissions, students should have a university degree in an information technology–related field. Apart from it, international applicants must demonstrate their English language proficiency either through IELTS or TOEFL. After completing this course, students can choose from multiple career options. A few of those include robotics process analysts, business intelligence designers, AI system developers, machine learning analysts etc.

  • George Brown College

George Brown provides Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Applied AI Solutions Development. This is a full-time program with a duration of 3 semesters or 1 year, and the starting months are January and September. This course is developed to provide an understanding of machine learning, deep learning and data management.

For applications, students should have a prior diploma or Bachelor’s in computer science, information technology or related fields. But, international students have to provide English language proficiency scores to prove their candidature. Graduates of this course can work as data analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, data management specialists etc.

  • Fleming College

Fleming College provides Ontario college graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence. This program aims to teach how to design and develop software that meets industrial demands using AI. Students of this course will learn to obtain and analyze data sets in machine learning and deep learning.

For admissions, students have to complete post-secondary education with knowledge of computer studies, mathematics, statistics etc. Also, proof of English proficiency is required to meet the eligibility parameters.

After completing the course, students can get multiple job opportunities in the public or private sectors. A few of those career options include programmer analyst, software engineer/architect, AI engineer/programmer, data analyst etc.

  • NorQuest College

NorQuest College provides a diploma program in Machine Learning Analyst. This course is designed to provide flexible and industry-aligned education to help students enter in ML and AL workforce. Furthermore, this diploma course will help students prepare for entry-level jobs focusing on primary AI and ML skills. This course constitutes 4 terms and can provide multiple employment opportunities. A few of the top career options include data scientist, data analyst, machine learning technician, and machine learning analyst.

  • Centennial College

This college provides an advanced diploma in software engineering technology – artificial intelligence. This program constitutes 4 semesters with a duration of two years. Centennial College offers this advanced diploma program under the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science as an online program. Some of the courses of this program include Java programming, linear algebra and statistics, database, neural networks, deep learning etc.

Furthermore, this program is open to domestic and international students and should meet the eligibility parameters for admission. However, international students have to submit their English proficiency test scores for admission. Additionally, as per the college website, the total fee for 2 semesters for international students is CAD 17,405.34.

Universities Providing Courses in AI

Apart from the colleges mentioned above, students can also apply to multiple universities providing AI-related courses. A few of those are –

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo
  • Queens University
  • University of York
  • University of Alberta

Prospective students must learn that most colleges in Canada provide quality education, and their degree is valid globally. However, before applying, it is important to check the courses offered under the program and if they meet an individual’s requirements. Besides this, prospective students should also start their application process early to increase their chances of admission.



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