Benefits of living along Singapore’s East Coast


If you’re wondering why living along the East Coast of Singapore is such a coveted and premium position, you’re not alone. Residents of the East coast always boast about how luxurious their lifestyle is, but what is it that contributes to the East Coast being such a diverse, exciting and charming neighbourhood? Take a look at some of the benefits of living along Singapore’s East Coast and why it’s so popular among residents and non-residents alike.

A beachside location

One of the major benefits of living along the East Coast of Singapore is the easy access to everything that coastal living can offer. The East Coast Park is especially coveted, with activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming, kayaking, barbecues, beach days and picnics a firm favourite among residents. The coastal nature of the area means that you can enjoy everything the beach and nature have to offer while taking advantage of the urban sophistication of living in such as affluent and sought after neighbourhood.

If you’re a fan of a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities on offer, the East Coast is the perfect spot.

Local and international influences collide

The East Coast of Singapore is arguably an area where local and international cultures collide and combine to create a unique experience unlike any other. This blending of cultural backgrounds is particularly evident in the selection of foods and restaurants that are prevalent throughout the neighbourhoods. The food culture displays international foods such as Italian, Thailand and Japanese alongside restaurants featuring traditional and Peranakan cuisines. Combining these restaurants with the abundance of cafes and gourmet food outlets that are popping up everywhere, the East Coast displays is a true blending of traditional and foreign that people just adore.

Traces of Old Singapore can be seen everywhere

The East Coast of Singapore is a neighbourhood that not only likes to combine foreign with local, but old with new. It is not uncommon to come across traditional Peranakan architecture in amongst the newer buildings. It’s not uncommon to come across dwellings that still feature the colourful heritage and authentic traces that were prevalent in the 20th century. The architectural designs and colourful heritage are one of the major aspects that make the East Coast such a quaint and sought after area. The traditional architecture that is mixed in with the newer buildings is a big attraction to foreign tourists who love to see glimpses of the old world.

Thiam Siew Avenue New Condo Launch

With the East Coat being such a popular area for locals and tourists alike, the demand to reside there has been steadily growing, with many people wanting to enjoy everything that the East Coast has to offer. With this in mind, the Thiam Siew Residences are in full development, with completion planned for the end of 2022. The Thiam Siew Residences are the perfect blend of luxurious living with design, function and comfort at the centre of their overall design. The 800 condominium residences offer a mixture of 1 to 4 bedroom homes for anyone who wants to make a sea change and experience the magic that is the East Coast of Singapore.

Located in the excellent neighbourhood where nostalgic charm meets atmosphere, you can register your interest in the The Continuum.

The East Coast of Singapore is an area unlike any other. Offering everything from sun, nature and sand to a thriving culture, acceptance of international influences and tangible link to the past that is unique to the East Coast. It is easy to see why residents of the area boast about their neighbourhood so much. There are many benefits to living in an area that appreciates aspects such as different cultures, diverse lifestyle options and traditional Peranakan culture interspersed with a progressive and unique neighbourhood.


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  2. The East Coast of Singapore is a vibrant and dynamic community, with residents of diverse backgrounds and cultures. There are always activities and events happening in the neighborhood, from community festivals to sporting events. This adds to the lively and inclusive atmosphere of the East Coast and makes it a popular location for families, singles, and retirees.

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