4 Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Finance


How to finance your business is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider and with the overwhelming number of options available, you might not know where to start. In your personal life, you might be used to utilising a credit card or payday loans from direct lenders but financing a business can take a lot more planning and money. So, to help you get started in the right direction, here are 4 things every business owner must know about finance.

1. You Might Need To Borrow

When you’re trying to successfully grow your business operations, you might have to source financing from elsewhere. Accessing business financing like a loan can give you all the money that you need at once, rather than using your personal savings or having to reinvest your profits immediately. Not everyone will have the funds to hand to purchase expensive equipment so borrowing money in the form of a loan can sometimes be your best bet. With a business loan, you’re normally able to borrow more than if it was a personal one too, as it’s understood that more finance is typically needed. Use a loan amortization calculator to see your monthly payment amount and other details.

2. Keep On Top Of Your Credit Score

If you’re thinking of applying for financing, you’ll need to ensure you have a good business credit score. This is one of the key indicators as to whether or not you’re a high risk to lend to. If you don’t have a business credit score built up yet, then lenders can look at your personal score too. To maintain a healthy business credit score, you want to make sure you pay all your bills on time and don’t miss any repayments.

3. Budgeting Is Your Friend

Sticking to your business budget will be the best way to ensure you’re using your finances wisely. If you borrow a large sum of money, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re actually spending and blow through it all far too quickly. Similarly, if you use a business credit card or overdraft, try to limit yourself to how much you add to them so you can ensure you’ll be able to afford the repayments. Budgeting may seem like a chore, and you’ll probably want the highest quality equipment for your business, but you should treat it the same as you would your regular profits. Staying on track with your finances can be difficult, but budgeting will make it a lot easier.

4. Always Have A Backup

If you start applying for a business loan, you might begin planning how you’ll spend the finance before you’ve even been approved. However, there is always a chance your application may be denied, so you need to make sure you have a backup solution should this be the case. If you don’t get approved for a loan, you could consider a credit card or overdraft, or even investors. Don’t rely on one option of finance before you’ve even received it, as you never know what the outcome could be.

Starting a business isn’t easy, and one of the toughest parts is financing it. With the 4 tips above, you should be able to start considering what might work best for you and how you can ensure you’ve got all your bases covered. Using the right finance tools will help get you on your way to running a successful business.


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