6 Smartest Applications for Blockchain in Your Business


Several digital changes are taking place concerning business. You need to keep up if you’re going to level up to the competition. Some aren’t even about the competition but are about efficiency. For example, in crypto, many people are using it to pay for services. If you need to purchase anything to level up your business no matter how costly it is you must get it. If you need a VPN then do not bother about the cost of a VPN but the impact of VPN.

Your business, too, may need it to make certain purchases and even to pay some part-time contractors. So you are forced to level up with an application for blockchain in your business. There are various uses of blockchain that can be a significant plus for your business.

  1. Cloud Storage

You can’t run the risk of having all your data stored on a hard drive. It may at times even be excess for the hard drives, which leaves you out of options. That’s why there’s a new option in cloud storage that is looking to revolutionize the game drastically.

The founder of Storj, one of modern-day cloud storage, Shawn Wilkinson, said that the cloud could store over 300 times more crypto. This could open a new revenue stream that every user can capitalize on.

There’s at least $22 billion being spent already on cloud storage, which means people can pay for it. This will then reduce the cost of data storage for most companies – personal users may also benefit from this.

  1. Smart Contracts

Remember the term Ethereum Project in 2013? Well, that wasn’t the first time that the idea of smart contracts came about. Unfortunately, as much as you’d like to believe it, that isn’t the case as the term was first coined in 1993.

This is a decentralized program used to run smart contracts. This application runs quite efficiently as there isn’t the possibility of censorship, downtime, third-party interference, or fraud cases. They can carry out the terms of any contract.

One thing you are assured of with smart contracts is financial security. All the money held in escrow is wired to the recipient on agreement of future events. For example, when a contract is made, a simple computer code is sent and the finances released.

With the system in place, your business will easily bypass most regulations set in a place where crypto is concerned. This will lower the cost of most common financial transactions, and the contracts are unbreakable.

  1. Value-Based Healthcare

Another blockchain application is healthcare, where everyone is undoubtedly moving away from the hard copy settings. For example, blockchain could store patient records, and the patient will possess the key to access the information.

This will go further to enhance the idea of confidentiality in the healthcare settings to those who are particular about it. Patients will, in this case, only pay for value than for anything else as they are today.

  1. Supply-Chain Communication and Proof

When you walk into a convenience store today, most of what you see is assembled from different places. You get one supplier supplying one thing and another the other to form what you need. With blockchain technology, the records for this are made more accessible.

See, today, when you have all these moving parts, records can easily get lost in between. Blockchain provides a digitalized setting that will not only misplace things but also, everything will be organized. You can always read more on new ideas of how blockchain can be used for the good of any business at Nomad Investor and try it. In addition, it can resolve a lot of wrangles that have come about from traditional filings.

  1. Payment and Money Transfers

When it comes to money transfer, blockchain provides one of the secure apps to do so. It is also a great idea when you’re looking to have cryptocurrency transfers as the core of blockchain is rooted in the industry.

You can quickly eliminate the idea of transferring finances through various banks. There can be some regulations with banks. With blockchain, there aren’t such ideas of red flags, and your transactions are secure too.

  1. Digital Identity Authentication

Blockchain has the power to change your worst fear and help you sleep well. For most businesses, the idea of a cybersecurity breach scares them the most. With blockchain, you have a secure platform, and you can rest easy.

Blockchain can easily manage and identify identities, ensuring your system is secure and efficient. Instead of a password that can easily be hacked, blockchain will require a digital signature, which is a much better option.


There is a whole new world out there open to anyone willing to explore it. For a business owner, you should be prepared to explore the blockchain platform. Here are some of the smartest applications for blockchain in your business.



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