6 Reasons Singapore Is the Best Destination for Education in Southeast Asia


The sovereign city-state of Singapore is considered one of the Four Asian Tigers, boasting a highly developed economy, excellent public infrastructure, and a vibrant multicultural society. In addition, few other countries in the Asian continent have the same stellar reputation as Singapore does when it comes to quality of education. Alongside strong education programs, Singapore is also host to an environment that encourages serious, well-rounded, and fulfilling learning experiences.  It’s no wonder that the country remains an appealing choice for those seeking new educational opportunities, either for themselves or for their children.

Consider enrolling your child in an American school in Singapore or in another one of the country’s well-known international or local schools. Or, if you seek a degree that will help you excel in your chosen field, pursue higher education in one of Singapore’s top universities. There are a lot of things that Singapore can offer international students of all ages, so make sure that you don’t miss out! Below are the top six reasons why Singapore is Southeast Asia’s leader in primary secondary, and higher education.

The Achievements of the Singaporean Education System Are Internationally Recognized

Singapore’s education system is admired not only throughout Southeast Asia, but throughout the world at large. In 2013, the country was named by the Deloitte Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index as having the world’s best quality of secondary education for mathematics and sciences. That same year, the National University of Singapore was cited as one of the world’s top ten universities in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings.

More recently, in 2020, Singaporean teenagers topped the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Global Competence test. These students took part in the  OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and scored an average of 576 marks, beating peers from Canada, Hong Kong, Scotland, and Taiwan.

Suffice to say, students who become a part of Singapore’s education system will enjoy world-class instruction at every level.

International Education Is Likewise Thriving in Singapore

Due to the prestige and global competitiveness associated with Singapore’s schools, graduates of the country’s top schools—and particularly those that provide international education—are also exposed to numerous opportunities. Enrolling in a Singapore high school that offers an International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) program will strengthen a student’s chance of admission to a top university elsewhere around the world, in addition to opening many doors for lucrative and fulfilling careers in the future.

Singapore Schools Boast Well-Rounded and Practical Curricula

Even though Singapore schools follow very high standards, it also celebrates knowledge and practical skills that can be gleaned from a variety of disciplines. Newcomers to Singapore may assume that the curricula lean heavily on maths, the sciences, or business management. But these curricula also leave ample room for the study and practice of the arts, literature, languages, and athletics. This is especially true in international schools in the city-state. Students of all levels will discover well-rounded curricula that support learning not only by theory, but also by the application of practical skills.

The Urban Environment Is Conducive to Learning

Instruction aside, adults will also worry about the kind of learning environment that surrounds schools. Parents and adult students alike will be at ease in Singapore, a remarkably safe and comfortable place to study and live in. Public transportation in the city is both reliable and accessible, and the country’s urban environment is easy to navigate and pedestrian-friendly. Students also have access to housing facilities with all the necessary amenities, which will ultimately prove conducive to their learning.

It Won’t Be Difficult for International Students to Acclimatize

English is Singapore’s lingua franca, and education in the city is mainly conducted in the English language. This makes it one of the friendliest places to international students who will likely rely on English as their medium of instruction. It won’t be difficult for students to get on the same threshold as their Singapore-based educators and to pick up on their lessons. Alongside English, there are three mother tongues spoken in Singapore: Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. Asian students who speak any of these languages will also feel uniquely home when studying in Singapore. Naturally, international schools in Singapore will further expand students’ horizons when it comes to the variety of world languages that they can learn and master.

International Students Will Enjoy Discovering Singaporean Culture

Quality academic instruction is not the only thing that students and their parents will want out of education. Cultural immersion is also important, especially for those who will travel long distances to another country for the sake of education.

That said, newcomers to Singapore will have a lot more to enjoy about the country beyond its academic offerings. There’s delicious food, a vibrant art and literary scene, and green spaces to look forward to. International students can get to know Singapore by making friends with local residents. They can also see if there’s a chance to connect with expatriates or other communities from their home country. All the same, immersing in Singaporean culture will make the experience a meaningful and unforgettable one.

For the reasons listed above, Singapore stands out as the premier education destination in Southeast Asia. Find a school that meets the educational goals you have for yourself or for your children, and enroll in Singapore now!



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