3 Best Crypto Credit Cards and Their Advantages


The world of cryptocurrency has expanded so much to the point where it feels like it’s seeping its way through to the way we could spend. So you’re going to need to keep watch on how else the cryptocurrency trend will change the way you handle your money – like the one that’s going on now, crypto rewards with credit cards.

Crypto cards (the quicker way of saying credit cards with crypto rewards) are becoming increasingly popular among those involved in the cryptocurrency market. It’s one of the safer and low-risk methods of gaining crypto funds without having to spend much money on investing or trading. Take it as a way of crypto mining while you’re still spending on all of the other things you want since that’s how you will get the points anyway.

Crypto.com Visa Credit Card

This credit card is probably one of the first crypto cards. It’s probably the one card that’s managed so well that it can just fit into your cryptocurrency lifestyle seamlessly. For example, on the money you use for application subscriptions, you’ll be able to get a massive portion of the money on that back – which will go directly into cryptocurrency conversion, probably into Bitcoin.

Not to mention how you don’t need to have a credit score to get the Crypto.com credit card – so anyone and everyone interested in the whole cryptocurrency world can get one – plus you don’t have to pay an annual fee for the card!

Gemini Credit Card

Onto the next best crypto card that you can get your hands on, Gemini. Its cashback system is pretty much the same as what you’d get with Crypto.com Visa, where a percentage of the money you spend on specific services will be given back to you in the form of cryptocurrency. With Gemini’s credit card, you can have over 30 different crypto coins to redeem, depending on which you’d like.

With Gemini, though, you’re going to need an excellent credit score(FICO score of 690 or greater) to be able to have their card. Like with the Crypto.com Visa crypto card, though, you’re not going to have to pay any annual fees either. In addition, this will be able for use in all 50 states in the US. Here are some of the features that Gemini offers its users:

  • A 3% back on dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% back on other items
  • Rewards earned through purchase are deposited directly to your Gemini account. In addition, if you opt to have an interest-earning account, you will be able to deposit your rewards to your Gemini Earn account
  • There is no annual fee
  • Redeem rewards for cryptocurrencies that are available on Gemini

Wirex Credit Card

The Wirex crypto card would be the choice for you if you’d like to have a more international approach with your cryptocurrencies. Not only will you be able to withdraw from over 54 million ATM outlets around the world, but the Wirex credit card will be compatible with over 150 different currency types as well.

However, you’re going to need to keep your Wirex crypto card topped up with their own staked tokens called WXT, which is what allows you to have access to their benefits – the cryptocurrency you’ll be collecting with Wirex is Bitcoin. Since it’s the more accessible crypto card, you don’t need a credit score, nor does it have an annual fee either.


Make sure you carefully think about the type of reward structure you’d like when it comes to acquiring your crypto coins. The exchange rates need to be reasonable and attainable, making it feel possible to achieve the crypto coin goals that people have. You also have to think about if you’re willing to keep up with these cards’ staked token systems.

Alternatively, if you want to increase your cryptocurrency earnings, investing and trading is also one of the best ways you can do today. There are tons of reliable exchanges in the market that can guide you in your crypto journey.



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