Which College Degrees Will Earn You Six Figures


Many of us go to college because we feel like it’s just the right thing to do. It’s the natural course of action after you finish high school. All your friends are taking SAT’s and discussing which schools they got accepted into, but college can really seem like an overwhelming hurdle to tackle for some people. It can become hard to stay focused sometimes, and you might even deal with anxiety related to exams and presentations, but many students turn to CBDfx to calm those presentation jitters and make their way through their four years seamlessly. Whatever path you take, you still end up with your degree, but will you be making the money you’ve been expecting to make throughout all that hard work, studying, and preparation? Let’s look at some of the highest-earning degrees so you will have realistic expectations ..

BA in Business Administration

Those who major in business administration can go on to acquire some of those higher-ranking jobs in the business world. They can acquire positions as chief executive officers or similar positions and some start out with hefty six-figure salaries. Some of the skills you’ll need to acquire this type of position are strong communication and leadership skills. Many people who acquire this type of degree go on to get their MBA— Master of Business Administration. Those who get this master’s degree can see up to a 50% increase in their salary which is roughly equivalent to $36,000. That’s definitely worth the extra years of study!!

BA in Computer Science

We all know that careers in science and technology pay very well, but unfortunately all of us aren’t gifted in these needed areas of expertise. For those of us who are, you can look forward to landing a position as an IT Manager, Data Operations Director, or even a Computer Operations Manager. There are obviously more options under this umbrella, but these were just a few to mention. These positions generally start around $100,000 and up depending on your experience level. The skills you’ll need to have under your belt to properly do this job are strong business and technical skills to navigate your way through the operating systems needed. 

BA in Marketing

Marketing is a viable field to go into because every business needs some form of marketing. There are also a number of ways you can branch out with marketing. You could go into social media marketing, or digital marketing, or even SEO Marketing. Some of the higher paying positions that you can get with this degree are marketing managers, marketing directors, and even vice president of marketing. These types of positions usually start around $135,000 a year but can obviously fluctuate depending on your geographic location and experience. You’ll need strong analytical skills in order to gauge what the market trends are and how to utilize them for your business’ advantage. 

BA in Architecture

Somebody has to design those breathtaking buildings we see in Singapore and what better person than someone who holds their degree in architecture? If you obtain this degree you’ll start out with a salary somewhere between $90-130,000. This is an amazing salary for a recent college graduate. You’ll need certain skills like being able to create new products and designs, being able to determine how many people you’ll need for certain projects, and put together the financials for those projects. You can also hold certain titles like electrical engineer director, electrical design director, and even more with this degree. If designing beautiful things interests you why not get paid the big bucks for it?

BA in Finance

Some of us are blessed and great with numbers, figures, and reports. If you are one of these individuals you should think about the getting your BA in Finance! You’ll need to be able to generate financial reports for the company that you’re working with, develop financial goals and objectives for the company, and be able to understand and execute financial investment strategies. These types of positions easily pay over six figures if you can align yourself with the right company and prove you have the skills to financially oversee the company. Even if you’re not able to lock in one of those higher profile jobs you can still use this degree to manage banks, and be a financial advisor or director with other companies and/or industries. 


Sure, some of these degrees and positions are the ones we would think would be the highest paying because they’ve been “good positions” for quite some time. Obviously, some things don’t change and that’s why some colleges have delayed admittance into these programs because they are impacted for these reasons. If one thing is clear, it’s that degrees in the maths and sciences are allowing college graduates to bring in the most amount of money and make the most of their degrees!


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