Top Reasons to Become a Digital Marketer in Singapore


Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that digital marketing has exponentially increased throughout the globe. This is why, if you have decided to step foot in this industry, you will never regret this decision of yours. Secondly, because Singapore is one of the most sought after hubs of the IT sector, it has amazing opportunities for people who want to join the digital marketing industry. Although the global pandemic has affected the country like the rest of the world, the market has started to stand on its feet again. in this feature, we will guide you through some of the compelling reasons to become a digital marketer in Singapore:

1. Social Media Is Omnipresent

There’s no denying the fact that social media is a strong part of digital marketing. In the last ten years, social media usage has increased in Singapore, which is why digital marketing firms are having a major moment right now. If you are a social media pro and want to register for a strong career as a social media expert, you are good to go with this option. In simple words, every modern business relies on social media because it has encapsulated a large part of the Singaporean population. According to recent stats, around 83% of Singaporeans use social media, which reflects the strength of this field.

2. E-Commerce is Everywhere

With the COVID 19 being here to stay, Singaporeans have increased their reliance on e-commerce. Experts believe the e-commerce purchases were the highest this year because of the disease being around. Luckily, the lockdown in Singapore was not limited to the sales of goods and services. This is why many entrepreneurs have jumped the bandwagon in Singapore to fulfil the needs of the customers. Therefore, the global popularity of e-commerce is all set to rock the Singaporean markets for a long time.

3. Content Marketing is Imperative

In recent times, the research has concluded that online shopping has taken over the attention of 88% of Singaporean customers. In fact, most of them will look for a product or service online. This means they are much likely to visit blogs and different news websites to know what is being offered. This is why digital marketers have emphasized the importance of content marketing. Regardless of which SEO agency you visit in Singapore, you will come across content development jobs being offered to the locals. So if you are an expert at developing good content, you can become a content strategist in Singapore.

4. Video Content is Loved

All of us are more inclined towards a video message instead of sifting through long paragraphs. This is why modern marketers are making strategies in such a way that they can communicate the message of a product or service through a short video. Especially in Singapore, digital marketers use videos to showcase the product or service to the customer. Secondly, whenever a business website has a video message, there is a 48% chance of converting a visitor into a customer. Furthermore, video marketing can also lead to a higher conversion rate, which is why you can deploy your skills here and make a good profit.


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