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Do you have quite some days left before your payday and need some money? Or do you need a personal loan with low interest and no guarantor is required? You can be sorted through Cashfloat. Being a direct lender, you have several advantages when you borrow from them.

Let’s look at some of them:

Quick decision

After making an online application, cash float gives you a response in less than 3hrs when they are open for business. Their answer will either inform you whether you will get a loan from them or not. If approved, you should expect your money in your bank account within an hour. However, as a direct lender at times, they may require more information. If this is the case, then they will either send an email or call you. Given that they do not need to get any information before they approve you, you will have money in your bank account within 4hrs of application.

Pay off early and save

Not many direct lenders will allow you to pay your money early enough even when you are in a position. However, they advocate for early payment at cash float, which saves you from paying any additional interest.

Grace Period

Can you imagine getting a grace period that is not inclusive of any penalty? Well, at Cashfloat, you will get that if you inform them early enough. This grace period can last up to 5days.

What does Cashfloat check?

As a caring and responsible direct lender, cash float investigates how creditworthy any prospective client is. They get their information from Call Credit to either approve or deny your application.

Though most lenders may not give you a chance, especially if you have bad credit, at Cashfloat, they understand that personal or business financial journeys may not be smooth at times. Hence they are willing to give a chance even when you have bad credit records.

What matters to them is whether your finances are dominating you or you can master them. They also look at any payments you didn’t honor and how much you owe your creditors if any.

Some of the Loans that Cashfloat offers include:

Payday Loans

At times you may have a pressing need, and the payday is far off, so opt for an advance since you will have to give quite a lot of personal information; it’s essential to know your lender well. That’s where getting a direct lender comes into play. Some of the benefits of getting a payday loan with cashfloat as a direct lender include:

  • You are filling an online form, which will take you not more than three minutes.
  • Upon approval, you get your money the same day
  • High chance of being approved even if your credit rating is poor
  • You will not need a guarantor
  • They also have very flexible repayment plans. You get to pay a small amount towards the repayment of your loan so that you can have enough time to reorganize your finances. Secondly, as a direct lender, cash float also gives you a free interest month.

Personal Loans

Do you need to renovate a part of your house or go for a short holiday? Then why not consider taking a small personal loan? Here are the advantages:

  • You get more money than with a payday loan and at a cheaper rate, meaning they are very much affordable. Having a more reasonable rate means you will have your finances organized and break out of a continuous debt cycle.
  • No guarantor is needed
  • What to consider when taking a loan
  • Always compare what different companies have to offer.
  • Ensure the lender is registered, approved, and regulated by the Financial Credit Authority (FCA). These regulations protect you from several things like you paying more than you borrowed.
  • They check whether you are worth of credit at cash float so that they do not put you in an endless cycle of debt.

Apart from your personal information, being safe with Cashfloat as you are getting a loan from them, their cheaper rates and accreditation makes them a competitive direct lender.


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