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In a survey published in January 2019, less than 50% of employees in Singapore said that they were satisfied with their current job – with 22% saying that they feel stressed or overwhelmed by work ‘most of the time’.

We spend around one third of our adult life at work — which is quite a chunk of time to spend in a job that don’t enjoy or even hate. Job satisfaction is a complex area which depends upon salary, work environment and our colleagues and superiors, as well as factors such as travelling time and employee benefits.

At Dream Career Builder, we believe that our working lives should be productive, fulfilling and lucrative enough that we’re not just living from month to month.  For this reason, our job matching service aims to match the right candidate with the right position through smart technology and superior validation of both employees and employers.

Achieving an ideal work/life balance is an important part of our Dream Career mission – as important as work is, it’s also vital that we all have the freedom to pursue our interests and spend time with our loved ones.  This goes hand in hand with the ethos which is at the heart of Dream Career Builder – which is that everybody should have the opportunity to find fulfilling and rewarding work – regardless of background or education.  For this reason, we work hard to keep developing our Job Portal in order to keep providing as many dream jobs to real employees as possible.

Dream Career Builder

Dream big

Dream Career Builder is set to change the way we search for jobs by using state of the art algorithms to auto-match candidates with their dream job.  Exclusive to Singapore, Dream Career Builder’s team harnesses its combined expertise and experience in the recruitment industry to create a reactive and responsive recruitment hub for both employers and candidates.  Signing up couldn’t be easier – simply log onto our website, tell us a little bit about yourself and create your profile.  We’ll have you set up within minutes ready to start searching for – and applying for – that dream job and, it’s absolutely free.

100% free to use, Dream Career Builder is available for tablets, PCs and phones and uses the latest encryption technology to ensure complete peace of mind.  For added security, all accounts are verified by email in order to ensure that spammers and scammers don’t get past our gatekeepers.

Finding the right candidate for a vacant position can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive.  In a busy world, time spent sifting through hundreds of resumes is time wasted – which is why Dream Career Builder offers another way.  After completing our simple and straightforward registration, employers are able to create a company profile and post new jobs onto our user-friendly portal.  Our clever auto-matching system will then offer a list of suitable candidates based on experience and qualifications. Employers can then browse the potential employees’ resumes and make contact in order to arrange taking the application to the next stage.  Only candidates scoring at a certain level will be matched so that employers can be sure that only quality candidates will be able to apply for the position.  Employers will also receive reports every two weeks summarising the results of their job postings, including the number of views and applications.

For Job Seekers

Job hunting is one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of our working lives – and one that most of us have to go through at least a few times during our lives.  The fastest growing job network in Singapore, Dream Career Builder helps to simplify the process for job-hunters by allowing them to create a profile on our easy to use portal and then search for jobs which match their skills and experience.  Our registration process is simple and 100% free and, email verification and clever encryption mean that the site is completely secure to use.  We believe in matching quality candidates with quality jobs so, if you score higher than 85%, your candidate profile will be highlighted free of charge, meaning that you’re seen by even more potential employers.  Candidates will receive fortnightly reports showing how many times their profile has been viewed and how many times they have appeared in a search.  The report will also highlight any issues with the profile so that the candidate can work to improve on this in order to gain better results.  All employer and employee profiles are verified so candidates don’t have to waste time and energy applying to ‘fake’ jobs or companies.  To help you make the most of your applications, our site even includes handy tips to get you started and get you noticed.


Although unemployment in Singapore is relatively low compared to many other countries, many people say that they are simply taking any job for the sake of security, rather than the job that they actually want.  At Dream Career Builder, we believe that you deserve have both and, our mission is to match candidates with their dream job and match employers with their dream candidate for a happier workforce and a happier country.

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