Top Tips To Consider When Travelling To Singapore


If there’s an Asian city that’s full of life and incredible architecture to marvel at, it’s Singapore. As a city with one of the largest influxes of tourists, it’s hardly surprising that you yourself want to jump on the bandwagon, but what should you know before travelling to the awe-inspiring city? If you want to enjoy your travels to Singapore to the best of your ability, then we highly suggest you take the following tips into consideration, otherwise you might find yourself caught off guard!

Budget Beforehand!

If there’s something worth knowing before travelling to Singapore, it’s that you’re going to have to do a lot of saving if you want to enjoy nights out to restaurants and bars! While there are Wizzcash payday loans lenders available online who could provide help in a financial emergency, budgeting for your trip to Singapore will give you the control you want to spend your money freely. To put these prices into perspective, admission to a museum will usually cost about $20, which is often free in other countries around the world! Furthermore, you can expect to pay about $15-$25 for a pint of beer or glass of wine, so definitely revise your funds before booking your trip!

Join A Community Before Arrival

Due to the above point, it’s highly likely that you’ve decided to choose a hostel as your method of accommodation, however if this is your final decision, it’s always worth joining a community beforehand. There are much fewer travellers in Singapore itself compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, so it isn’t always worth relying on making friendships in your hostel. Instead, signing up to platforms such as Couchsurfing will allow you to attend several organised events to make your stay in Singapore that extra bit more special.

Hawker Stalls Are Nothing To Worry About

When it comes to food stalls in foreign countries, especially those selling meats, tourists can often become very sceptical about the quality of the food that’s being sold. However, when in Singapore, hawker stalls are your main chance to sample the delicious Singaporean cuisine and eat as if you’re a local! Nevertheless, if you’re still concerned about the cleanliness and food preparation, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s compulsory for hawker stalls to display their grade in a prominent place, giving you peace of mind that all food is prepared and cooked hygienically.

Consider Public Transport For Getting Around

Remember we said that Singapore is expensive? Well, that doesn’t apply to everything, because public transport will be your saviour when travelling around the city. The subway service in Singapore, locally known as the MRT, is much cheaper than other amenities in Singapore, as well as efficient, keeping the city clean and free from pollution. Generally, if you’re expecting to use the public transport service on a frequent basis during your stay, then it may be worth opting for an EZ-Link card which will grant you access to even cheaper fares. Fares are mostly charged dependant on the distance being travelled, usually starting at about $0.80 for a journey.

Staying in Singapore is something that you’re never likely to forget in your lifetime, and considering that you take the above tips into consideration, you’ll have a seamless experience. Whether you’re travelling there to marvel at the stunning architecture, or to immerse yourself into their culture, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time.


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  3. Thank you for sharing your tips, it’s an amazing place, Singapore tourism is a must try for everyone. I always plan my trip in advance before visiting a new area, it is important for me to book a hotel before starting the trip and to collect for myself a list of the best places to visit. When everything is clearly planned, I do not waste time looking for entertainment while in a new country.

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