Blockchain, Singapore and a Tokenized future


Seemingly overnight the rise of cryptocurrencies have swept through the minds of everyone. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are now mainstays in the economic standards of today. Although unregulated right now, cryptocurrencies have a lot to offer and with it are able to create frictionless ecosystems in many industries.

We are lucky to be beneficiaries of good government and top notch management, that is why Singapore is one of the world’s leading nations. Some people however, are not so lucky.

Take an iceberg for example, a body of solid ice that floats in the water, what you see above is the top 30%, surface level. Underneath the cold waters is 70% of that, what we cannot see, a deeper dive.

The top 30% is what we as technologically developed countries experience. Through blockchain technology we can enjoy smooth borderless payments. We can build trust-less ecosystems and make independent investments. Enjoying decentralized applications would be a norm and we can take control of our data through this transparent paradigm. Our lives go from 1 to 2, that is to say value is added to. We see better, faster and frictionless products and services.

Now what we wont see is the remaining 70%, the side of the blockchain that benefits those not as fortunate, those from less established or stable nations. These individuals know not the sort of good government we do, nor the financial stability that accompanies. In fact, a whopping 2 Billion people in the world have no access to institutional bank accounts. Blockchain technology makes this a possibility and banks the unbanked. Financial inclusion is the key to reducing poverty and bank accounts play a vital role in the creation and expansion of wealth. Moreover, blockchain can permanently record the personal data of individuals, identifying those without identification. A billion people globally cannot prove their identity and this limits their quality of life and education. Identification is the catalyst that enables institutional healthcare, education and human rights. The lives of the unbanked and unidentified are vastly elevated. Blockchain does not value add, instead it value creates, 0 to 1.

In Singapore, we are at the frontiers of technological advancement and Tokenize aims to give everyone smooth access to the new blockchain revolution. Tokenize is a digital exchange that is a go-to portal for cryptocurrencies. By offering not only established but emerging cryptocurrencies too, investors can become early adopters of up and coming ICO projects. You can look forward to having up to 60 pairings being rolled out in the next months to come.

Accessibility is a barrier to entry for many, and the Tokenize Xchange was set up to address such a problem. The Tokenize Xchange brings purposeful blockchain companies and enthusiastic crypto investors together to share knowledge, ideas and values. In doing so, it creates a vibrant and dynamic community that continuously explores and propels blockchain innovation.


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