Best Cities for Traders to Live In


In the high-flying world of international finance, a good trader knows that location is just as important a factor as asset pools, liquidity and market size. While, in the digital era, traders can make their fortune from pretty much anywhere in the world from their laptop, a dedicated trader should have a home base in a city that allows them to expand their network and open up as many trading opportunities as possible.

There are only a few cities in the world which are ideal for those looking to establish a career in finance and shares, so here are the very best.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong may now be a part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), but the regulatory climate and trading opportunities that exist on this small island of 7 million people differ hugely from those on the mainland. One of the most diverse and vibrant international finance centres in the world, the sector within the city-state has continued to enjoy double-digit growth over the decade, despite a slowdown at the turn of the century. A significant percentage of the largest financial institutions and trading houses on Earth have a base here, meaning you’re never too far removed from the most talented minds in finance.


London, and the City of London which sits at the core of the financial district, is the historical epicentre of finance, with one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. As a financial centre, London has been instrumental in bringing innovative new trading styles to the wider world, with the trading of CFDs being invented in this city, for example. London also has everything a high-flying financial wizard could ever want, including the most exclusive and luxurious nightlife, dining and shopping of anywhere in the world.



This small and historic city on the shores of the Baltic Sea might come as a surprise to some, but Tallin is ideally structured for the modern world of financial exchange. The city is a global pioneer in the FinTech industry, and their much-vaunted e-residency scheme allows almost anyone to become a virtual resident of Estonia, making it perfect for the modern digital nomad financier. That it’s within spitting distance of global financial centres like Moscow and Istanbul doesn’t hurt either.


Despite Hong Kong’s dominance in trading, the commercial capital of mainland China still has plenty to offer. It is by far the driving force in the growth of the financial sector of the world’s second largest economy and is home to more traders, bankers and brokers than almost anywhere else on Earth. Much of the industry is centered around the glittering Pudong district, which is home to such major players as Bank of China, Oracle and China’s main stock exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

It’s no coincidence that the most attractive financial centres in the world happen to be some of the most exciting, diverse, fast-paced and wealthy cities. Traders are dynamic people who are attracted to these features because they reflect who they are and what drives them to succeed.


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