The Cloud Streamlines Business Processes


There are more than a few ways to streamline your business processes. However, some business processes require handoffs to multiple different employees, which, in turn, can increase the possibility of human error.

Cloud-based software is one of the best ways a company can streamline their business processes. Check out this guide for streamlining your business processes with a cloud-based operating platforms.

The Cloud Helps Automate Manual Processes

Even in companies with heavily automated processes, manual processes usually still stick around, according to Lithyem. That’s why it’s important to take time every year or so and make sure that any manual processes become automated. Outdated manual methods will only slow down your company, waste you time and money and decrease your bottom line. Automating your manual work methods should be at the top of your company’s priority list, as doing so will boost your bottom line and streamline your business.

Why do manual processes stick around? Some of these manual processes might fall outside the scope of enterprise software tools. The IT department might not want to spend the time and money on developing customized extensions to automate these manual methods. Some of these manual methods might just be too niche to justify paying for a specific application to automate it, as well as the infrastructure.

Luckily, in these cases, cloud software can help you and your company streamline these manual processes. Cloud software applications tend to cover a wide range of processes and can be customized to meet your company’s specific requirements. Cloud software also allows you to avoid any upfront software licensing and associated hardware costs involved with traditional on-premise deployment. The cloud can also help you adjust any processes with manual inefficiency.

Many companies now have remote employees and require manual processes like in-person meetings to go online. That’s where cloud video conference services like BlueJeans come in. These software tools allow you to connect with your remote employees, clients and partners online, rather than requiring time-consuming, expensive travel to liaise with your clients.

The Cloud Will Help Your Business Keep Up with Change

Business are constantly changing and growing. Customer demands tend to shift overnight, requiring new products and services to be developed quickly and efficiently. At the same time, business regulations can introduce a number of obstacles, requiring you to comply with certain regulations before releasing your products and services. Luckily, cloud software helps companies quickly modify their business processes and use new ones to meet regulations.

New cloud-based solutions can be implemented within minutes, whereas traditional on-premise deployment could take as long as weeks or even months. Companies often need to modify existing IT infrastructure in order to accommodate new applications and assemble new hardware and software components to host the new application. The difficulty of implementing new applications traditionally generally makes companies more hesitant to create them, slowing innovation. Cloud software, on the other hand, removes the barrier and allows businesses to change its IT resources and therefore its business processes very quickly and efficiently. Cloud software provides the flexibility to streamline those processes in a timely manner.

The Cloud Simplifies Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is traditionally a very complicated, timely and expensive business process, requiring companies to build a redundant facility and implement new technology to replicate data from a main site to a backup location. Cloud software makes this process much more simple. Using cloud software provides companies with data protection without the costs, time and complexity associated with traditional disaster recovery.

The Cloud Handles IT Security

According to, the cloud is a great way to keep your data secure and prevent a breach. One of the greatest threats to any company is a data breach and when you’re using a traditional on-premises infrastructure, you rely on your company’s staff to protect your data and keep it secure. However, secure cloud service providers can easily streamline the process of keeping your data secure, increasing security and saving your company time and money.

Cloud environments are generally more secure than on-premises environments, since cloud-based service providers are solely IT-focused and can therefore afford to invest more in security for their infrastructure, since IT is the main purpose of the provider. Stronger security means more resistance to cyber attacks and data breaches. Premium cloud service providers also tend to offer monitoring for your cloud environment, which allows your IT staff to focus their attention on other tasks.

Cloud-based technology helps your company streamline a number of processes, from automating manual methods to simplifying disaster recovery. Consider checking out the cloud today to help you streamline your business processes.

There you have it! Now you’re ready to use the cloud to help your company save time and money and boost your bottom line! Happy cloud surfing!


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