Men Can Now Apply for Alimony in Singapore, but There’s a Catch


Recently there was a change in the Woman’s Charter, allowing men who are incapacitated or who cannot support themselves to ask for maintenance money from their ex-wives in a divorce.

Previously men could not ask for payment from their ex-wives at all, on the grounds that women were the financial weaker party in a marriage.

But since times are changing, the Parliament decided that men who were dependent on their wives in the marriage would continue to receive support after the divorce in the name of equality.

This may seem like great news for men. However, think about this way: Why is it that women don’t have to meet the same “incapacitated” criteria when they apply for alimony or maintenance from their ex-husbands when men have to do so?


It’s in matters like this that assumptions such as that women are the weaker gender and are incapable, while men should be capable, should be thrown out the window altogether.

As the Parliament has acknowledged, times have changed and women are now more independent than ever. Despite this, lots of women (not all, but plenty) have been legally taking advantage of alimony even when they are capable of upgrading their career or getting a job, and see it as a means of having more cash in their pockets every month.

True equality can only be achieved when only those who really need support receive spousal maintenance, regardless of gender. The move by the Parliament, while a good step in the right direction, still does not make it fair to men, who are still the majority of alimony payers.


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