Knowing which Housing Type Fits Your Needs and Budget


Buying a home is a financial milestone. Considering the amount of money involved, though, it’s only prudent that you know as much you need before you make a decision. Read on to know more about your housing options in Singapore:

Public Housing or HDB

Today, Singapore has one of the highest homeownership rates around the globe. In 2013, resident households reached 90.5 percent, a dramatic jump from the 58.8 percent figure recorded in 1980, says Bloomberg Business. Among the many housing options that made this possible is the government’s own HBD housing.

HDB flats are housing properties regulated as well as subsidized by the Housing and Development Boards. More than 80 percent of Singaporeans—the lion’s share of the population—now live in these apartments. It’s a cheaper alternative compared to private housing options. And so long as your household income matches the required amount, then you’ll find yourself easily eligible for the housing program. And because people have different needs and financial capabilities, HDB public housing options are available in a number of forms, including:

  • Studio apartment – Going solo? A studio apartment is the most cost-effective options among available HDB housing units. If you’re just starting out and don’t mind living in a charming, tiny apartment, then this an ideal solution for you.
  • 2 Room Flat – Need more room and privacy than a studio apartment? You might want to switch to a 2-bedroom flat from a single bedroom unit. If all you want is a guest room or office, this 2-bedroom home should provide you with just the thing you need.
  • 3 Room Flat – A 3-bedroom flat works with roommates. If you’re moving in with friends or strangers, you could save a lot by choosing a 3-bedroom flat. If just starting a family, though, a 3-bedroom flat can be ideal if you want room for your bedroom, the nursery and an office or guest room for when family and friends drop by and stay the night.
  • 4 Room Flat – Whether you want an extra room or two for your office, a guest room and a nursery, having four rooms gives you plenty of space for whatever you have in mind. If you dislike the thought of crowded home spaces, then should property should be right up to your alley.
  • 5 Room Flat – five room flats are usually great for big families because you have a lot of room. A crowded home environment is hardly ideal so if you’re looking for a home for your family, keep this housing option in mind.
  • 3Gen Flat – This is ideal for multi-generational families, with more room to offer than five room flats. If you don’t want to get cabin fever or simply want more space for everyone, you should give this one a try.
  • Executive Flats – Want top of the line for your home space? Then you can’t go wrong with an executive flat.
  • DBSS Flats – Design, Build and Sell Scheme Flats offer roomier accommodations and are a cross between executive condos and the larger HDB flats. If you want more space, then look into owning this housing unit.

Private Housing

From a historical and economic standpoint, the real estate value for residential properties in Singapore have been on the rise, making it one of the hotspots for property investments in South East Asia. Here are some of the private housing options available to you:

  • Condominiums. This is close to the executive flats offered by HDB housing. It also comes with amenities such as swimming pools, basketball pits, tennis courts and well-maintained gardens, among other things.
  • Apartments. Pretty much the same as condominiums, except these usually belong in smaller developments or have less amenities and communal facilities for home owners to take full advantage of. These tend to be more affordable than condominiums and properties but cost more than subsidized HDB flats.
  • Walk-ups. These dwellings—usually the size of condominiums—don’t have lifts. However, these units are low-built so you won’t have to worry about walking up and down torturous flights of stairs just to get to and from your unit.
  • Private – Public Hybrids. HUDC flats and executive condominiums are two types of housing units available under this category, offering features of both private and public housing units.

Using Tools

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So familiarize yourself with the different housing units out there. The more options you know, the higher the chances of you picking the unit that fits your needs and budget the best.


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