6 Tell Tale Signs You Are Not Fit For Your Current Job


How do you know for sure that you’ve chosen the right career path? Unfortunately, there isn’t a manual that comes with every single job that tells you how you should feel and what the road to success and happiness will look like. Although it would be amazing to have a guide like this on your hands, even before you make an important career choice.

Hating your job is a painfully obvious indication that you’re not right for it. But we wanted to go a little bit deeper into the topic, and see whether there are other signs and red alerts that might help you determine whether you need a change.

Let’s take a look at if it is the right time to pound the pavement.

You Don’t Share the Ideals of Company

It’s hard to work in an office where you don’t really share the same values as your company or your colleagues. You can’t possibly function in such an environment, and it’s hardly likely that you’ll ever change your priorities or mantra for the sake of the corporation. If you don’t like what the company is doing and how it’s trying to achieve its goals, then it’s time to leave and find a more desirable environment, one whose values you will respect and share.

You’re Not Moving Forward

No matter how small or big the company you’re working for is, you still need to move forward. If you’ve been stuck in the same place for several years, without a single sign of a promotion ahead, then it’s about time for a career change. Either you don’t have what it takes for the job, or you’ve settled for the position you’re in right now.

It’s important to remember that no matter what you choose to be, an accountant or an online florist, there has to be space for improvement and progression. There has to be a future to look forward to and advance.

Anxiety Turns into a Routine

Constantly feeling overwhelmed by your everyday task can be an hint of unhappiness. Think about it. If you do something you’re passionate about, you’re going to be inspired by it and moved to push forward.

You will get overwhelmed once in awhile, and this is normal, but if you constantly feel that you’re under pressure, and every single task feels too much, you’ve chosen the wrong job. We’re not saying that stress doesn’t exist, we’re just saying that stressing over the slightest task and rolling your eyes in dismay, might just be a sign you’re not too thrilled about the job.

Sunday Evenings are Torture

Does Sunday evening feel like you’re getting ready for the guillotine tomorrow morning instead of making you feel like an eager beaver? If it does, then you’re probably made the wrong choice. Although we all feel resent the end of our weekends to a certain degree, those who love what they do kind of look forward to Monday.

Monday Mornings are Even Worse

Even the biggest cup of Joe can’t help you snap out of it. You dread Monday morning and can’t separate yourself from the bed, especially from the thought of going to the office. You arrive last, and you’re first one to walk out the door. You just count the days till the weekend. Basically, if you didn’t have to, you wouldn’t do it for the love or money.

You’re Bored and Unchallenged

Finally, your ideal job is supposed to challenge your skills and knowledge and push you to improve your skills. It’s supposed to inspire you and motivate you, and if you’re just feeling bored and the boredom just keeps building up.

Take the time to think carefully and figure out what you should do with your career. Make an impact on your career. Do what makes your heart and mind race, and remember that taking pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work.


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