5 essential courses to consider if you are looking for a promotion this year


In today’s economy, wallets are shrinking while demands are increasing. It is the same at any company. As employees, we can no longer afford to only see things from our perspective. In order to excel and secure future promotions, we must develop the foresight and ability to read situations from the viewpoint of our supervisors or employers.

This means that aspiring managers must now be equipped with a wider range of skills and competencies.

Some companies may have the common practice of grooming suitable candidates for leadership positions. However, with the shrinking of budgets the number of candidates that a company may be willing to invest in would reduce. To add on to the reduction in funds, you could have many colleagues who are vying for the same promotion.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

With the SkillsFuture Credits, the government hopes to allow the workforce to play a greater role in the planning and control of their career progression.

As of Jan 2016, Singaporeans aged 25 and above would have received $500 worth of SkillsFuture Credits that you can put into good use to increase your chances of securing your next promotion.

There is a wide array of courses that are approved under the SkillsFuture scheme. If you are looking for a promotion to a leadership position, here are 5 courses that you can consider.

– Leadership Effectiveness: $481.50

As a leader, you will need to manage and motivate your team, keep an eye on the overall performance and manage targets and deadlines.

In this 2 days course, you will be taught how to lead, motivate and inspire individuals at the workplace, with the aim to increase performance and productivity. As a manager or a leader in a company, the skills you pick up from this course will definitely benefit you.

– Basic Negotiation Skills and Techniques: $192.60

As a manager or a leader, you may need to communicate with potential clients or negotiate with suppliers. Hence, equipping yourself with basic negotiation skills is a must.

This 1 day course teaches participants what they should do during a negotiation process – from the preparation to the application of negotiation techniques, in order to reach the desired outcome of any negotiation.

– Conflict Management and Resolution : $417.30

It is common for people to disagree on ideas and processes in the workplace. Such disagreements create conflict which can escalate into negative perceptions and affect the work dynamics of a team or department. As a leader, you will need to learn how to identify such situations and resolve them early.

This 1 day course will help you to develop a strategy to deal with conflict using the Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory. Being in a leadership position, you will need to learn how to handle and resolve conflict efficiently at your workplace, both between your team members and with the people you work with.

– Eradicating Problems and Making Effective Decisions: $550

There will be times when your team doesn’t perform up to par and you will need to step in to identify the issues before attempting to solve them.

This 2 days course shows you how – using group discussions to identify issues and problem solving tool to resolve the possible problems.

– Sharpen Your Assertiveness Skills: $428

Being assertive will benefit you regardless of your role at work. It will allow you to handle difficult situations at work effectively and professionally.

At the end of this 1 day course, you should have learnt how to be assertive while not coming across as pushy or aggressive. You will also learn how to handle people and conflict situations to achieve a positive outcome.

Do note that these courses are to be taken privately under the SkillsFuture Credit Scheme. To learn more about the SkillsFuture Credit Scheme, you can visit the SkillsFuture official website, or download our free guide and FAQ to the SkillsFuture Credit.


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