Teachers to get up to 9% one-off increment and up to $700 cash bonus every year


Good news for all teachers!

MOE has just announced that Education Officers (EOs) will receive a one-off 4% to 9% increase in their monthly salaries, effective 1st October 2015.

In addition, all trained EOs will also receive a yearly Special EO Payment of between $500 and $700 in cash. This payment, abbreviated as SEP, will be paid out in — you guessed correctly — September each year.

These adjustments are the result of MOE’s review of the Education Scheme of Service.

“This is to signal the importance we place on teaching as a profession, and show our commitment in attracting and retaining quality teachers.”

In the same press release, MOE also announced that the salary components for all graduate and non-graduate teachers will no longer be differentiated.

“Non-graduate classroom teachers will progress and be remunerated along the same salary structure as their graduate peers.”

Reference: Enhancements to the Education and Allied Educators Schemes of Service, MOE Press Release, 18th August 2015.


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