Civil Service Salary Scales in Singapore (2015)


Considering a career with the Civil Service in Singapore?

As a civil servant, you will enjoy an “iron rice-bowl” salary that is comparable with that in the private sector. The basic monthly salary follows a set of MX pay grades that is regularly reviewed to maintain market competitiveness. Promotions, pay increment and bonuses will be linked to your work performance and deemed potential.

The Civil Service is the largest employer in Singapore, comprising about 6.5% of the resident workforce. Hence, the civil service salary scheme sets the tone for “market rate” compensations in Singapore.

Here’s the revised Civil Service salaries for the various MX pay grades in 2015.
(Last two revisions were: +5% Aug 2014, +5% Feb 2012)

Pay grade: MX9 (Superscale)
Job title: Deputy Director, Director
Salary scale: S$11,110 – S$15,280 / S$15,280 – S$17,370

Pay grade: MX10
Job title: Assistant Director, Deputy Director
Salary scale: S$7,000 – S$9,980 / S$9,980 – S$11,470

Pay grade: MX11
Job title: Manager, Assistant Director
Salary scale: S$4,740 – S$7,115 / S$7,115 – S$8,305

Pay grade: MX12
Job title: Assistant Manager, Manager
Salary scale: S$2,945 – S$5,925

Pay grade: MX13
Job title: Management Executive
Salary scale: up to S$3,000 for fresh graduates

Civil servants can also look forward to a “13th month” bonus, plus a 0.5 month at mid-year, and another variable bonus of 0.5-1 month, depending on Singapore’s economic performance for that year. That works out to be around 2-3 months bonus for the whole year. It is possible for high performers holding key positions in the Civil Service to receive more than the publicly announced bonus.

Disclaimer: Data and figures are compiled from user contributed information taken from the forum and should be only be taken as guidelines. Please leave a comment if you have additional data points, corrections or related information to share.


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  1. Hello! Can you give your inputs on my query?

    A civil service job appointment tagged as Manager/Assistant Manager. They are okay with fresh diploma holders.

    What’s the salary like? Thanks!

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