Benchmark Your Monthly Pay By Age & Gender 2015


Our ever popular income comparison tool has just been updated with the latest data from Ministry of Manpower’s Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2014 (released in 2015).

This income comparison calculator, like our other comparison tools, lets you compare your gross monthly income with other Singapore residents in your age group AND gender group. You may also compare with all age groups and/or both gender groups.

The following is the definition of gross monthly income:

For employees, it refers to the gross monthly wages or salaries before deduction of employee CPF contributions and personal income tax. It comprises basic wages, overtime pay, commissions, tips, other allowances and one-twelfth of annual bonuses. For self-employed persons, gross monthly income refers to the average monthly profits from their business, trade or profession (i.e. total receipts less business expenses incurred) before deduction of income tax.

So, simply divide your total gross annual income (including bonus) by 12, enter the result below and compare away:

Reference: Statistical Table 29, Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2013, Ministry of Manpower.


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  1. Hey Daniel,

    Your formula on age comparison doesn’t seem to be correct.
    It always stay at 11.2%, I tried 20K 50K, 500K, haha

    Within the “40 – 44” age group, your gross monthly pay of $500,000
    places you at the 88.8th++ percentile among both genders.
    You are in the top 11.2% of your cohort.

    • Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for the feedback. Please enter the monthly income instead of the annual income. You may take the annual income and divide by 12 to get the average.

  2. Obviously the database set behind is at range level. Hence you will never achieve top 1% (if that’s what u want) even if you earn 100 million a month.

    • Its obvious that the top 1% vs top 10% will have a huge gap at the age from 30-55 as these is where u fall into the categories of MNCs CEO that is earning 100k – 500k / mth

  3. Still problematic. I entered 60k/month which is an actual number and then tested at 150k/month, 500k/month and 2.5M/month. The results all came back at the 88.8th percentile.

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