4 practical ways to save money


1/ Go digital when making phone calls.

To save the outgoing minutes of your mobile phone plan, you should use Skype or Whatsapp Calling whenever making outgoing calls, especially when you’re on WiFi.

To avoid confusing the other party with a digital call, here’s what I usually do: first, send a Whatsapp message asking if it’s a convenient time to call; and right after he/she replies with an OK, tap the phone icon within Whatsapp to call the person.

The other benefit is that these digital calls have superb audio quality, oftentimes much better than your usual cellular calls. Overseas calls are amazingly crystal clear too.

Even if you’re on 3G/4G, the costs can be lower. Try it.


2/ Buy toiletries from discount shops.

These shops parallel import their goods (shampoos, toothpaste, etc.) from cheaper sources such as Thailand and thus are able sell the products at lower costs.

Some items can even be 50% cheaper than at your favourite supermarket.

It’s easy to spot these shops in the bigger housing estates like Ang Mo Kio, Bedok and Clementi — they are perpetually crowded.

Perhaps the most famous discount shop is the one in Chinatown area. It’s called Swanston.


3/ Buy used furniture.

When giving your home interior a new look, you don’t necessarily need to buy brand new furniture.

Most furniture is designed and manufactured to last for many years. It’s the reason why some pre-loved furniture looks as good as new.

For pieces like a side table, a desk for the spare room, a cabinet for the storeroom or a set of outdoor furniture for your balcony, you can always go for used furniture.


4/ Quit smoking.

If you’re a smoker, quit smoking. Ever heard of the Ferrari joke? Maybe you can’t really buy a Ferrari with the money saved from not buying cigarettes, but there is definitely some truth in the joke (even though it’s a joke).

You also get to be healthier.


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