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For households living in HDB 5-room and executive flats, the average monthly household income is $11,199. For condo households, the figure is $19,340. For landed households, it is $23,994.

This is according to the Key Household Income Trends 2013 report published by the Singapore Department of Statistics.

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The median monthly household income is now $7,870, up from $7,570 last year. If you and your spouse make a combined income of more than $7,870, your family is better off than half the households here.

Those at the upper echelons make much more. The families in the top 10% (“top decile”) make an average of $28,688, which is disproportionately high. The households in the next decile make about half of that, and the figures for the next few deciles** go down linearly:

Household Income by Deciles 2014

To benchmark your household income, enter your monthly household income (including employer’s CPF contributions):

** The deciles are “based on ranking of all resident employed households by their monthly household income from work (including employer CPF contributions) per household member”. This possibly explains why the average household income of the 41st-50th decile is higher that the overall median of $7,870.


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  2. Take these statistics with a huge pinch of salt. They are talking COMBINED household income of all people with I/C registered at that particular address.
    This means a 50-55yr working adults with 20-25 yr old working kids staying in a landed house will have 3 or 4 sources of income.

    Also this is taking into account employer’s CPF contribution which is capped at SGD 800/month

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  4. Also, these Incomes are only from People who actually have a registered Singapore residence. If you average the Income of all the People who WORK in Singapore, it’s gonna be quite a bit lower, and the differences between Rich and poor will be much, muchi higher.

  5. So if you ever have a tenant living with you and she never update her address you are in trouble because your household income suddenly go up ?

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