Compare Your Annual Income 2014


This is the 2014 version of the most popular income benchmarking tool on It uses the latest data from IRAS’s just-released Annual Report 2013/2014.

To benchmark/compare your annual income – including all commissions, bonuses, part-time salaries, director’s fees, rental income – simply enter your IRAS assessable income below and see how well you stack up against all resident taxpayers in Singapore:

Compare annual income

A $150k per-annum income will place you at the 88.3th percentile.

If you make more than $91,200, you are in the top quartile (i.e. top 25%) of all resident taxpayers.

To be among the top 10% earners, you need an annual income of $170,000 or more.

To be at the 95th percentile (i.e. top 5%), you need to make at least $264,000 a year.

As usual, please note that residents earning $20k and below do not pay tax. Hence they are not included in the above comparison.

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Reference: IRAS Annual Report 2013/2014


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