Human Resource Manager


A human resource manager is a person responsible for the management, recruitment and evaluation of the employees of a company or organization. The HR manager also oversees the staff’s compensation (salaries), benefits and welfare.

The job includes a wide range of activities, such as recruiting and selecting candidates through tests or interviews, evaluation of their performance in the company, coming up with creative ideas to inspire and motivate the workforce, and training the employees to increase their performance.

In companies based in Singapore, a human resource manager is a key component to the success of a company because he or she attracts, organizes and evaluates the most valuable asset a company may possess – its human resources.

Human resource managers and HR practitioners must possess excellent communication and social skills, the ability to pay attention to relevant details, and be creative and inventive about motivating and selecting people for certain jobs within a company.


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  1. Most business owners in Singapore do not want to face or seek to bring out the fullest potential of their most important asset in their organisation – its employees. So most good HR managers work for western MNCs which usually adopt best practices in HR and talent management, this in turn make them world-class company. My advice to local bosses: make talents selection, hiring, management and retention your no. 1 priority; otherwise, stop dreaming of becoming world-class organisation, close down your business and invest in the stocks of world-class companies.

  2. Not only HR managers, but also mid-level managers seem to be incompetent and unprofessional when it comes to developing their employees. They rather put their emphasis on petty things like time in the office or dresscode, not the issues like productivity or training.

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