Compare Your Annual Income (latest)


We have yet again released the latest version of our most popular income benchmarking tool. It uses the latest available data from Iras.

Simply enter your Iras assessable income below and see how you stack up against all resident taxpayers in Singapore:

Interestingly, a $100k income will put you at the 79.3 percentile, compared to 79.0 in the previous version of this tool (which uses older Iras data). You are actually better off!

Notably, the previous median income was $53,400, whereas it is $52,300 now.

Note that residents earning $20k and below do not pay tax. Hence they are not included in the above comparison.

Reference: Iras Data


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  1. Dear Sir,

    My salary is $2k a month, $24k a year. Shockingly,my result is I’m better off than only 3.2%. But I realised in your notes that people who earn $20k and below are not included. There are many people earning less than $2k a month. So what is the percentage of people earning less than $20k a year? I figure that more than 40% of workers don’t pay income tax.

  2. Your figure of $52,300 median income seems rather high. Does this figure also excludes those earning less than $20,000? Then it is seriously skewed and flawed.

  3. Your annual income of $75,000
    is higher than 68.8% of all resident taxpayers.
    alamah,this is the family income; knowing that there are still 31.8% people earns more that my whole family.

  4. Your PHP script is crappy… I earn 3 billion a year, but it keeps replying:
    Your annual income of $2,147,483,647
    is higher than 99.7%++ of all resident taxpayers.

  5. Technopreneur your brain is crappy. It’s 99.7% because $2,147,483,647 is the last 0.3%. Your IRAS accessable income cannot be $3 billion because the extra 0.12% would be phantom money.

  6. @Aen Tan, 2,147,483,647 will be instantly recognized (by a programmer) as the upper bound of a 4B integer, which implies an overflow condition and hence a crappy PHP script.

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  8. My annual income was $67000, and was higher than 63.8% of tax payers. hmm.. btw, i dun even need to pay tax for the next many yrs due to parenthood rebates and child relief etc. i believe alot of pple will fall under this group where you are enjoying those tax reliefs and exempted from paying. This is not so accurate after all.

  9. Although you dun have to pay income tax due to PTR and etc, your income is still ASSESSABLE. It is just that you have reliefs.

    The 3 categories of people who do not pay taxes are those whose incomes are extremely low, retirees or those who are so rich, they do not need to work.

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