Civil Service Bonus End-2012


All civil servants will get a total of 1.7 months of bonus at this year end, according to the PSD press release. This bonus consists of the standard one-month NPAA (also known as the 13th month bonus) and 0.7 month of AVC.

This 1.7 months bonus is slightly less than the 1.75 months given out at end of last year.

Taking into account the 0.3 month already given out in mid-2012, civil servants are set to receive a total of 2 months bonus for the whole of 2012, which is less than last year’s total of 2.25 months + $250.

Minimum AVC

For this year, there is a minimum AVC payment of $1k. So civil servants earning less than $1,430 will get at least $1k of AVC.



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