When Did You Achieve a 6-Figure Income?


When did your annual pay go above $100,000 for the first time?

Based on Iras Annual Report 2009/10, there were exactly 216,358 resident taxpayers in Singapore earning more than $100,000 in 2008.

This is about 21% of all resident taxpayers.

Are you one of them?

When did you first achieve a 6-figure income?


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  1. hmm, i am not sure if IRAS is right or singapore statistic board is right. Singapore Statistic board states there are 3.7 million people working in Singapore. So of these 3.7 million, only 1 million actually filed to IRAS?

  2. Both are correct. Why is it so hard to believe that the majority of the workers here don’t even earn enough to be taxed? Or look at the bright side – the government is so nice as to not tax these poorer workers!

  3. Wow … tells you that 2/3 of workers here or 2.6 million workers earn less than $20,000 a year. Which is $1,666 a month. How to afford to buy property which has shot up so much?

  4. Well, I guess I’m one of the 216,358…but its not all rosy up here cos the next jump is much much more and they have alot more purchasing power, dwarfing all of us.

    The next higher class of people are making an average of S$300k a year (CEOs)….then comes the corporate honchos making over S$500k (Rich Mid-class Entrepreneurs)…then the above 1mill (Large corporation entrepreneurs / ministerial level).

    Our problem is we have so many millionnaire foreigners here now ‘helping’ to prop up prices our people have no choice but to keep nibbling at the crumbs or they will just fall off the edge & go suicidal. Its a tricky situation.

    I fully empathise with our poor, but this is going to be a very rough ride. Either we stop growing as a whole or we keep at it at the expense of widening the income gap but actively pursue policies to prevent foreign speculation & domestic inflation.

  5. i pity the poor too. our combined is 300k and we still feel inadequate. the stressful schooling system doesn’t help. i can afford the expensive tuition and enrichment fees, and i personally help my kids with their learning (homework nowadays requires FAMILY effort!), so i doubly pity the poor who can’t help their kids much.

    the rich will get richer, the middle will work hard to stay in the middle, the poor just have to make do and survive.

  6. no, it doesn’t have to be this way!

    the poor must rise up against the bourgeois rich!!

    revolt and rebel! strike!! We are the 99%!!!

    Occupy Shenton Way!!!

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