How To Ask For Pay Increment


Came across an interesting article on how to ask for a raise (aka “salary increment”) when one feels underpaid and overworked.

First, you need to do your research. If you are in US, you can go to or But if you are Singapore, you can refer to the usual Salary Reports from the usual HR firms, …

Or you can use the info right here in this website

Over the years, we have published our famous annual list of Top 100 Jobs in Singapore and created simple but extremely useful and extremely popular tools for income comparison:

Do also visit the Discussion Forums for informal information contributed by our readers. Tons of information there. In fact, some posts in the forums are such true gems that we were very much humbled by what we did not know. Even if you can’t find what you want in the sea of information, you are free to post your questions in the appropriate forum thread. A reply will most definitely come your way.

After doing the necessary research, you should then make a list of your achievements and prepare a formal request to your direct manager. Refer to the article for more tips on what else to do.

Thanks to Alson of Singapore iPhone Apps for the link.



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