Compare Your Annual Income 2010


We have updated our ever-popular income benchmarking tool to use Iras’ latest data.

Our income comparison tool needs no introduction. If you have not heard of it, see last year’s edition. The past 4 editions of this tool have attracted a total of more than 230 comments.

To use it, just type in your annual income (assessable income) and see how well you rank against all resident taxpayers in Singapore:

Notice that if you earned the same amount as the previous year, you will rank worse than before. People are making more money, obviously. A 100k income would give you a 79.9th percentile ranking a year before, but the same amount places you only at the 79.0th percentile this year. Guess what – four years ago, it was 83.1!


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  2. top 1% in SATs or results doesnt mean u are the top 1% effective worker dude 🙂 a good student doesnt always = to a good worker/boss/manager/leader.

  3. Median, 50th percentile, is at 53400 per annum.
    That’s 4450 monthly salary.

    That means many fresh grads these days who’re offered between 30-60k per annum pay package are
    doing pretty OK, considering the relative age of fresh grads vs all tax payers

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