Are You Earning More Than Median Pay?


Managers in their late thirties earn a median gross salary of $6,328/mth.

Professionals in the same age group make $4,970/mth.

Are you above the median? (In other words, are you in the top 50% of your cohort?)

Or are you below the median?

Based on the MOM Report on Wages in Singapore 2009, these are the median gross monthly wages for the various groups:


  1. 25-29 age group: $3,800
  2. 30-34 age group: $5,250
  3. 35-39 age group: $6,328
  4. 40-44 age group: $7,031
  5. 45-49 age group: $7,073


  1. 25-29 age group: $3,283
  2. 30-34 age group: $4,125
  3. 35-39 age group: $4,970
  4. 40-44 age group: $5,448
  5. 45-49 age group: $5,700

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  1. professional manager on

    General rule of thumb is if the word “manager” appears in your title, you are a manager! There are a few exceptions, of course.

    List of manager jobs:
    Administration manager, Advertising and public relations manager, Budgeting and financial accounting manager, Building and construction project manager, Business development manager, Catering manager, Company director, Corporate planning manager, Creative director (Advertising), Customer service manager, Engineering manager, General manager, Hotel services manager, Industrial relations manager, Karaoke pub manager (including disco and nightclubs), Legal service manager, Lodging services manager, Logistics manager, Managing director, Manufacturing plant and production manager, Marketing manager, Operations manager, Operations manager (Finance), Personnel / Human resource manager, Premises maintenance manager, Procurement manager, Property / Estate manager, Quality assurance manager, Research and development manager, Restaurant manager, Risk management manager, Sales manager, Shipping manager, Shop sales manager, Technical manager, Training manager, Transport operations manager, Warehousing manager.

    List of professional jobs:
    Accountant, Advertising account executive, Advertising copywriter, Advocate and solicitor, Aeronautical engineer, Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineer, Application programmer, Audio and video equipment engineer, Auditor (Accounting), Automation engineer, Automotive engineer, Biochemist, Biologist, Biomedical engineer, Book editor, Building architect, Building construction engineer, Business analyst, Business management consultant, CAD CAM engineer, Chemical engineer , Chemical engineer (Petrochemicals), Chemical engineer (Petroleum), Chemist, Civil engineer, Computer and information systems manager, Computer engineer, Computer operations and network manager, Credit analyst, Database administrator, Editor (Newspapers and periodicals), Editor (Radio, television and video), Electrical engineer, Electronics and electrical engineer, Electronics engineer, Financial analyst, Food and drink technologist, Fund manager, General physician, Hydrographic surveyor, Industrial health, safety and environment engineer, Industrial machinery and tools engineer, Information technology auditor, Information technology quality assurance specialist, Information technology security specialist, Instrumentation engineer, Land surveyor, Lawyer (except advocate and solicitor), Legal officer, Librarian, Lift engineer, Manufacturing engineer, Marine engineer, Market research analyst, Materials engineer, Mechanical engineer, Medical scientist, Medical social worker, Metallurgist, Multi-media programmer, Network and computer systems administrator, Network systems and data communication analyst, Pharmacist, Power generation and distribution engineer, Producer (Stage, film, television and radio), Production engineer, Psychologist, QC engineer, Quantity surveyor, Semi-conductor engineer, Social worker, Software engineer, Soil mechanic and piling engineer, Structural engineer, Surveyor, Systems designer and analyst, Systems programmer, Teacher of the mentally handicapped, Technical writer, Telecommunications engineer, Treasury manager.

  2. I look at such stats and take away that the greatest career growth must be from 25-35, and after that it just goes at a much slower pace. Not to mention that you might even start as a professional and become a manager during those 10 years.

  3. My average monthly gloss (basic, allowance and OT (40hrs) for License Aircraft Engineer is $4100. A monthly of $5000 is possible when bonus is paid…sometime wonder am i underpaid for this profession? Left the job to join training field with lesser pay…allows me to have more time with family and healthier lifestyle.

  4. Show me the money on

    I don’t care about titles. We are currently suffering not only from monetary inflation, but title inflation as well. I am not a manager, but my pay is well above the median for the manager, by a long shot too.

  5. I agree with Show me the money. I’m no manager (don’t wanna be one) but my pay is way above the median. The Man treats me well, too. 🙂

  6. Banking industry pays well, but then you spend more time in office, work on weekends and weekday evenings.

    Best measure is perhaps $$ per hour :).

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