62% Think Property Prices Will Correct Within 2 Years


In a recently concluded Salary.sg poll, 62% of the respondents think property prices will correct within 2 years. However, 22% believe there will never be a correction. 🙂

By the way, the article that accompanied that poll was republished by CPF at their IM$avvy site.

If the current downward pressure on stock markets is to persist, there’s a good chance that condo prices and transaction volume will follow suit. The STI index ended 2.4% lower today, hitting a new low since 4 Mar. European and US stock indices are also in negative territory as we speak.

Invest wisely. Save up cash and wait for the right time to buy.


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  1. Not a a big fan of cash. on

    Yes, I believe in savings but not a fan of holding cash.

    Market moves in both directions. Instead of holding cash, I prefer to short.

  2. markets crashing on

    agree. markets crashing now. i’m not sure if governments still have the resources to prop up the economy. property prices crashing is a possible scenario, even with historic low interest rates.

  3. House owner on

    The interest rates are hovering around 1.5 – 3%. At these rates the interest rates on the housing loan is much less than the rental.

    With global markets in turmoil the government will not raise rates for a while and as long as rates remain low I dont see crash in property prices.

    The prices may stabilize as it happened during Q4 last year / Q1 this year; but we might be far from crashing.

  4. there may be a correction…perhaps prices will go down by 5-10% but a crash is not likely unless singapore take some of the consequences arising from EU crisis, etc head on…

  5. doubt the property prices will move much as the developers will want to maximise profits.

    With record bid prices for the recent land parcels, it is not unreasonable to see $1000pfs mid range housing in the next few years.

  6. marginaluser on

    these are the same people who said in 2007 that property prices will tank in 2010.

    look what happened ! prices are still escalating as we speak.

    as usual most pundits will get it wrong, which then means that prices wont correct within the next 2 years, barring unforeseen circumstances.

  7. unforeseen circumstances on

    it is the unforeseen circumstances that we’re afraid of, and some are betting on.

    i’m one of those who thought 2007 property prices were too high then and would correct, and indeed the prices corrected by 20-30% post lehman crisis, but rebounded quickly when governments pumped record amounts of money to save their countries. they’re obviously creating another bubble – just look at the escalating prices in asia, which i admittedly did not foresee.

    some people will think such high prices are the norm, but there are those who believe the high prices are due to record low interest rates and excess liquidity in the world financial system. to the latter group of people, it’s not hard to see property prices will correct once rates and liquidity levels start to normalize. when? hopefully soon. within 2 years.

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