31% Hit Medisave Contribution Ceiling Before 33


In a recently concluded Salary.sg poll, 31% of the respondents indicated that their medisave balance reached the prevailing medisave contribution ceiling before they were 33 years old. Are you one of them?

Once your medisave balance hits the MCC, the excess will be transferred to your Special Account.

How soon you hit the MCC is an indirect reflection of your income and bonuses, though some may argue that it’s a simplistic indicator because the monthly income subject to CPF is capped at $4,500 and the total annual income subject to CPF is similarly limited to $76,500.

By the way, the MCC has just been raised to $39,500. It was only $32,500 4 years ago.

Our poll results also show: Among the 7 age groups that hit the MCC, the majority (25%) are in the 33 to 36-year-old group.

This means a total of 56% hit the MCC before 37 years old. Are you one of them?


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  1. speedy gonzales on

    since $76.5k is the cap and medisave receives 6.5%, the max one can get in his medisave is $4,972.50 a year. to reach $39.5k, one needs at least ~8 years.

    but if you live in the ancient era when the employer contributes 20% and CPF still has loopholes, you’ll hit the ceiling much sooner. (was it oei hong leong or someone who managed to deposit $1m into CPF? it’s an unconfirmed rumour i heard.)

  2. 5 more years on

    I am 33 years old and will take 5 more years before i hit the ceiling. Guess a bit late than most of the forum readers.

  3. another point to note is that if you have used your medisave for things like operations, H&S insurance (for yourself and for parents), it takes you longer to reach the ceiling. this isn’t an apple-to-apple comparison, so if you’ve spent quite a bit of your medisave, it’s alright if you’re a little slower than others.

  4. what can 39.5K do if one is sick? think it’s time for the ceiling to be raised. anyway why should there be a ceiling in the first place? $$ from ordinary acc can’t be withdrawn till one reached 55 yrs of age. but if one should fall sick before that age, $$ in ordinary acc is not useful. $$ in medisave is more practical.

  5. i hit the ceiling of $33500 at the age of 29yr old 6mths. this mth , ceiling increase to $39500.. i will probably take another 14mths t hit my ceiling again. Now , im 30 yr old. i din know abt the ceiling until recently i log into my cpf online.. i realise for the past mths… my medisave acc is zero contribution… im so ignorant,.. even call the cpf hotline.. i thought it was computer glitch or error..hahaha..stupid me!

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