Retire when I am about to Kick Bucket?


Same survey, but different headlines.

I thought I heard over TV news that two-thirds of those surveyed are NOT willing to work beyond 65 years old.

Then, in printed and online news today, the headlines are “Baby boomers are not ready to call it a day” (BT) and “Survey shows 3 in 10 expect to retire at age 65 or older” (

To me, 3 in 10 is a minority. If you score 3 marks out of 10, you get an F grade.

Since when do people come to conclusions or write headlines based on minority’s views?

You would say “PAP won with 66.6% votes” and not “Election shows 3 in 10 voted for Opposition”.

Or would you?

It’s only when I saw the actual survey report that I realized maybe the reporters are merely parroting the report summary.

But you as the discerning reader, refer to Table 2-2-1 on page 47 of the report, and draw your own conclusions.

It’s my opinion that nobody in his right mind would want to work forever. For one, I would want to retire as early as possible and do things that I really enjoy.

What about you?

Reference: MCYS Baby Boomers Survey report (press release).


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  1. Hi, I am always being delighted reading your blog.
    I have the following comments on this post.

    What I believe is that if given a choice, senior citizens would not like to “Work” when they turn old but they need to work because they don’t have money.

    Those being surveyed MIGHT be those better off persons which they have everything but take work as their personal interest or leisure. e.g. if they like gardening they might work for something related.

    I also agreed when I get old I would like to work on something I like – for my case is in aviation. But for sure I don’t want to work because I need to make ends meet.

    – Purely my personal opinion –

  2. Perhaps before they ask the questions, there should a special category: If you have the money for retirement, would you….

    If you work with someone above 40s of age, you will notice that most of them will have mentioned that they are tired of either: reporting to an idiot, forced to manage people, dealing with office politics, trying to write volumious amount of reports, etc. If they have the money, they would have quitted. So, framing the question with that starting will show you the true answer as most will answer according to their current financial conditions, which for most, could be better.

  3. I’m planning to work until the end, but mainly because I love what I do and would be bored if I didn’t have my job (already get restless after a long holiday). I guess I’m one of the few lucky ones who persued their passion and found their dreamjob…
    I know a lot of people who are not doing what they liked because parents, teachers, etc advised to choose a sensible, rational and safe path. Such a waste of life.

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