Calculate Income Tax 2009


Time to file tax again. This is the Income Tax Calculator for Year of Assessment 2009.

Just enter your chargeable income (i.e. assessable income minus all applicable reliefs):

Like last year, there’s also a special 20% tax rebate for Singaporeans and PRs this time round, as announced in the Budget.

Reference: Tax rates are obtained from this IRAS page.

How much tax are you paying?


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  5. Hi
    I am an Indian coming to SG shortly. I will be there for an year with an MNC. My total remuneration is SGD 44160/- p.a. How am i have to pay the tax at the end of the year?

    Thanks & Regards

  6. ananth, assuming i understand your question, yes, you’ll have to pay tax, and you will be asked to file tax online. if you’re still unclear, just ask around in the mnc. welcome to singapore. hope you enjoy it here.

  7. Hallo,

    Yes I am Indonesian. I have problem with SG (Singapore) income tax for foreign people.
    For example, if foreign people work in SG (she/he has Employees Pass) and he/she get salary S$5000/month, how much income tax she/he has to pay to SG Government?
    Any other things beside income tax?

  8. Hi. I’m a malaysian…currently working about 3 months, planning to quit because of personal reasons. My basic is 1800+350 accommodation allowance, i heard from people around they said that income tax will tax me a sum of money that is about my 1 month salary if i quit less than 3 months or before 6 months, because i’m under probation. Actually how much is the tax if i’m leaving singapore..? Roughly..? Can anyone help me..?

  9. seems your total income is less than 20k. i don’t think you’ll be taxed at all. check with IRAS – call them. if your company withhold your pay due to “tax”, i _think_ you can report it to IRAS. but please confirm with IRAS directly.

  10. Mr.Sg, my hospital says they r gonna hold my salary because the tax will deduct almost 1 month of my salary…i called up the income tax hotline they said i need to pay 15% of my salary…

  11. Your company needs to withhold your last pay cheque (which is likely 1 month salary since most companies pay salaries on a monthly basis in Singapore) for declaration to Iras. This is an iras regulation imposed on all registered companies in Singapore. After iras confirms the tax withholding amount and advises your company to release the remaining money to you, that is when your company can pay out your final salary.

  12. FYI tax-withholding is specific to foreigners in Sg. If u are PR and sign a declaration that you will not be leaving Sg permanently after leaving this job, tax withholding does not apply.

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