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Sunday Times just showcased 5 very successful and “most sought-after” tutors, a couple of whom are earning a 5-figure income every single month.

Physics tuition teacher Phang Yu Hon, 41, reportedly makes $20,000 from 90 students. I believe he maintains the website

Laura Oh, an NTU engineering graduate in her mid-twenties is getting a “substantial 5-figure salary” from 80 students and her tuition business. She is the employer of 10 full-time tutors.

Besides giving tuition, these tutors also write books, sell assessment papers and even publish magazines.

According to Sunday Times, the most popular tuition subjects are Maths and English.

So, if you have flair for these subjects and enjoy spreading knowledge, why not consider giving tuition? You may earn a substantial 5-figure salary!


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  1. Hiphopsoldier on

    That was a good article by ST.I`ve always been inspired by stories of young folks getting real , doing what they are good at,going against the norm,innovating, excelling and prospering financially as a result. Happen to know one of those featured tuition teachers during my Uni days.. Absolutely brilliant dude, articulate, charming, somewhat an intellectual rebel yet humble and full of community spirit. If I`ve got kids, I would have wanted him to educate my kids whatever the cost..Good education commands a premium..goes the same for good healthcare, tax/ financial management,even good char kuey tweow.. If you`re lucky enough to have a good/dedicated teacher,doctor, lawyer, accountant,broker,hawker etc, it always pays to reward them well by means either financially- through patronage of their services or simply by just thanking them for a job well done.
    At the end of the day, how much you are paid is a reflection of how much society deems your contribution is worth..

  2. Good article? on

    But the ST article may mislead people into thinking that all tutors make so much, resulting problems like (1) more people getting into this business and (2) parents demanding tutors to lower the fees.

  3. I know of a friend who is a tuition teacher making consistantly $15k+ a month, very easy to calculate their income by the number of students they teach multiplied by their fees.

    But their work is not easy, my friend has to physically teach average 8-9 students a day, 7 days a week to make that kind of money, not to mention the travel time and expenses (she has a car). Even teaching until 10pm! Its hard work.

    She always has to reject new students because she physically has no more time to accept anymore new students. If you are a good tuition teacher, parents are willing to pay top dollar. 🙂

  4. There are the pros and cons. Since the pros has been highlighted more often than the cons, i will states the cons.1) Students postponing(quite common), so salary is not constant 2)You don’t get students in November,December, little in January and Febraury.3) No bonus 3) No Medical Benefits or company insurance ( actually this is a small sacrifice, not much by the way) 4)If you are sick and dont teach, no pay, unlike in a fixed salary job, the most take MC and still get paid 5) No employer CPF contribution ( this is again a small sacrifice).

    Ok so there you have it, the cons, but if you love teaching, go for it 🙂

  5. hi tuition teacher,

    whatever you’ve stated here are all very true.
    I’m also a tutor myself, its actually a very highly stressful job.

  6. Yes the high salary is possible for top tutors. But the that is to compensate for the tutor’s hard work and diligence. Tuition is very taxing to the mind and body due to the prolonged talking and traveling.
    And the monthly salary will average out due to the Nov-Dec, June and other holidays.

  7. The top 1% of most workers will have really high incomes. You’re kidding yourself if you think that anyone get rich tutoring. Trust me, I have tried because I loved teaching and wanted to do it on my own terms, but simply couldn’t handle the travel requirements and the low pay. Currently I’m making a comfortable 12K+ with excellent future prospects in finance. I’m just 28, so this is pretty decent.

  8. I had a bad excperience with one of the tutors mentioned above. She is so unprofessional and breaks promises she earlier made towards parents. Utterly disappointed w her bad attitude!

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  10. I am sending my daughter to one of tutors in the east mentioned in Straits Times all I can say is she is a blood sucker. When my daughter turned up for 1 lesson without the tuition fees she questioned my daughter in front of the rest of the students and refused to let her into the house the next lesson until my daughter showed her the money. After i signed up i wanted to withdraw but she said that she had already prepared all the materials and one of her 10 tutors has already been assigned the slot. So i told her that i will just for the first month pay each lesson when my daughter attends.But her attitude is just shameful and totally unprofessional. Incidentally my daughter said that for the first 3 lesson she was just given assignment papers! After the first month i will be withdrawing. Please do not be fooled by these tutors or just because they appeared in the papers as top tutors.

  11. Can you give more hints as to which tuition centre / tutor is that? I stay on the east and I’m in the process of looking for tuition for my daughter. Appreciate your help.

  12. Let me put it this way. If you have a tutor who ask that you bring down $100 for the initial interview with her to access your daughter’s strong and weak points and structure a tuition program (not sure what she meant when all my daughter is getting from her is assignment papers)then you know you have hit the nail. Anyway that is what happened when i brought my daughter down the very first time to meet her. After she told me her fee which was about $400 per subject she told me to put a deposit as she has not many slots left (my daughter says she has 3 other students with her).Immediately after the interview this is what she said to me”ok you have to pay me $100 now for today”.She is so desperate for money and i believe in Karma she will always be desperate for money in her life. I am still sourcing for the right channel to address this exploitation. I urge all parents who have had experiences with such high-handed tutors to channel your complaints via meet the MP, MOE or CASE.She lives in a condo at Simei/Tampines area and operates out of her home. Incidentally when i asked her the first time for her home address she said to me to just appear at the condo as she has many units there?(that was a little over the top, i thought!)

  13. Hi MP,

    Could you give me your email as I also encounter the same thing you mention. I already go to CASE.
    So maybe we can discuss

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