HK Electricity operator cuts price of electricity by 3%. What about Singapore?


Hong Kong’s largest electricity producer, CLP Power, is reducing electrical tariff by 3%, as reported by Hong Kong news media such as this article in The Standard.

Yes, reducing, not increasing.

Yet, people in HK are complaining. They were expecting a bigger cut!

“The Democratic Party’s Fred Li Wah-ming said he was disappointed by the low rate and urged CLP to show more transparency in their development plans. ‘We were expecting a double-digit cut but it ended up with a single digit only and that is only 3 percent,’ he said…”

What about Singapore?

Well, we are different. Singapore Power SP Services wants to increase our electrical tariffs by 21%!



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  1. they say gas prices are up because the pricing structure is such in this part of the world.

    if they had forseen such rigidity and mismatching, shouldnt they have hedge it like any other conscientious public/private provider/manufacturer/industries market end users?

    this cut by HK makes ours look like a joke. im proud of Singapore, but this episode is just too much and too hard to swallow.

  2. See lah, those people who deride the likes of JBJ are now enjoying their own fruits of supporting the PAP lah. Serangoon Gradens incident, the Mas Selemat incident, the prices just keep going up, up and away and nobody is there to fight for your human rights.

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  4. pls dun mention about our opposition. where are they when we need them to voice out on real issues? we don’t need “show me the money types”

    there are real issues on hand that SG is facing and we need some concrete ideas and solutions.

    no offense to mr JBJ. but deriding the people over the Serangoon Gardens is just lame. Where are the opposition then? I would ask….

  5. The most vulnerable now cannot afford to pay for their electricity so they now have to go pre-pay. Yet there are gadgets on the market costing anywhere between $160 and $280 which supposedly will save the consumers bill by 20%.
    But its these very people who dont have that kind of money to buy it in the first place.
    Singpower just released their annual accounts and they made $1 billion.!!!!
    And electricity charges went up a whopping 25% since October.
    All this inspite of the price of oil coming down.
    Surely SP can supply all the needy and poor with these gadgets for free.

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