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[Update 13 Sep 2009: See latest version of this salary benchmark calculator.] 

Here’s the latest salary benchmark tool that we’ve all been waiting for.

It uses the data from Ministry of Manpower’s Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2007, which was just released about 1 month back.

Because “gross monthly income” in the MOM report includes bonuses, you should take your annual income and divide by 12 to derive your “gross monthly income” when using the tool.

Here’s the long-awaited salary benchmarking tool:

Last year’s version of the tool is here. See how much you’ve moved up (or down) in the ranking.

Reference: Statistical Table 40, Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2007, Ministry of Manpower (link)


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  1. Somehow i feel this is not that accurate…mianly cos of the way the data was colleced (survey) and the sample size(smallish) ?

  2. How come the percentile stops at different numbers for different age groups? For instance for males 40-44, no matter what you put there you won’t go further than 89.8th++ percentile?

  3. Howcome, it’s because the data for >$10k wasn’t broken down further. You may take a look at the raw data by following the link given in the reference.

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  5. Ahh, admin, thanks for the explanation. I get it now. Are you aware of any stats that stop at, say, 20k/month instead of just 10k?

  6. Charlie Brown on

    it is a good general comparison. So you hv to take into account ur qualification, job scope and yrs of experience.
    e.g. $2.5k @ age grp 25-29 = top 45%. if u r a University Fresh Graduate, you are getting average pay (fair enough). If u r a ITE grad, u r quite well paid. But if u experienced grad working late everyday, it is time to talk to ur boss.

  7. We need to factor in the industry as well. At the same age, no way a local company Logistic Manager gonna earn as much as an IT Manager, or Telecom Manager…

  8. Yea dude..

    this goes past all industries..

    anyway some companies pay outrageous bonus. so not reflective of monthly salary.

  9. @everyone else is high: look for other jobs? improve your skills? network more? A lot of things one can do to increase one’s pay leh…

  10. want exponential income, cannot rely on basic pay. take on some revenue generating activities, like selling ‘whatever’. if one prefers stability, then specialise in some areas like the above IT manager. that’s about the world we are in as far as pay in concerned.

  11. I’m a fresh grad.. age 23, currently looking for a job in logistics industry.. I had no experience.. so what is e market rate for a fresh grad in this industry?

  12. hmmmm, looking at the standards, exponential growth can result in getting an overseas job, i am 27 this yr and graduated from poly, this hongkong firm i am working for pays S$ 7K/mth…while working in Singapore paid me around S$3.2K/mth…so to me, its a gateway to exponential growth in terms of salary and work exposure…

  13. I have a question on Gross Salary.
    In example; if my monthly salary is $5000; do I actually include the $653($4.5k*14.5%) Employer CPF contribution?
    Therefore making my Total Gross pay $5653k?

    Net pay would be $5653 – $653 – $900(which is 4.5k*20%) = $4.1k

    Anyone care to share? THANKS!

  14. Your net take home pay is correct, but common understanding of “gross pay” does not include employer cpf contribution, and also you do not need to deduct employee contribution.
    So your gross pay is $5,000.

  15. Does this ‘$’ actually mean the Singapore dollar or the US dollar?? For that’s really a big difference…
    Anyone could tell? Thanks a lot!

  16. As far as I can tell, all figures here in this site are in SGD unless otherwise specified. You must be from the US. 🙂

  17. Still there is a question about which I am eager to have the answer–
    Is it commonly seen in Singapore that a graduate who starts his career in government public service, and later switches to work for commercial enterprises?
    If the public servants reveal relatively low competence in the commercial workforce market, generally?

  18. forget it depo on

    hi depo you dun stand a chance in singapore..we do not even consider indians from india now as we will hire internally

  19. So…even though foreigners got hired by Sg government and gathered experiences, they could barely have the chance to work for commercial enterprises later?
    Is it because that there has always been a gap between gov and commercial org employment, or because of the financial crisis now going on?

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