When to resign


Suppose you have decided to join another company. When should you submit your resignation letter to your current boss?

You may not know this tip: Make your last day a Sunday.

For example, if you tender your resignation today, 27 July, your last day will be 26 August – a Sunday. But your last day at work is actually 24 August, which is a Friday. You “save” 2 days. (This assumes you need to give 1 month’s notice, and work 5 days a week.)

However, if you did not know this tip and tendered 2 days ago, your last day at work will still be 24 August. And compared to the aforementioned scenario, you will in fact get less pay. 2 days’ worth of pay to be exact. If your pay is $6k a month, that’s a $400 loss! Which is enough to give your family and friends a feast.

So, be smart. Make your last day a Sunday.


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