Time to Job Hop, Happy New Year


It’s no secret that one easy way to “promote” yourself and to give yourself a salary raise is to job hop.

While it’s been frowned upon in the past, it’s now part and parcel of career progression. A tool of the trade.

Saying no to job hopping is unwise – loyalty is an overrated attribute. Being loyal is so 20th century.

Even if you’re loyal to your company, do you think your supervisor, his boss, and even the management are all loyal? And how sure are you that when times are bad, you won’t be in the line of fire? Loyalty and reciprocation don’t work hand in hand.

How to get ahead?

First, money speaks loudest. Just look at all the benchmarking, the overpaid CEOs, and highly paid professions (here).

So, get a good job offer, one which promises a pay package 20% upwards of your last drawn salary, and submit that resignation letter without hesitation.

Now, you say, this is too money-minded. A career is not only about money.

Ok, let’s also consider training opportunities, organization culture, prospects, and so on.

I don’t think your current company is tops in all these aspects. Surely, there must be some other companies that are better. Why not consider them?

Your new company may have a better culture, you may get to work with a good boss and better colleagues, you may get to travel (but not too frequently), get good training, have more room for growth, AND on top of all these, have a nicer job title AND a higher pay.

Give it a try.

How frequent should you change job?

Once every 2 years is fine. In some industries, e.g. banking & finance, shorter tenures are acceptable and even encouraged (it seems).


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