SMU graduates starting pay


According to the Straits Times, the average starting pay of SMU graduates is $2,850 per month.

The ST article mentions:

The top 20 per cent of wage earners among them earn an average of $4,630, about 20 per cent higher than the $3,840 average in 2005.

Among them are 26 graduates who earn more than $4,000, with eight of them making more than $8,000.

Most of these top earners are investment bankers.

Let’s assume that the 8 get 8k each, with the remaining in the “top 20%” getting 4k each. To obtain a average of around $4,630, the number of graduates in the “top 20%” is only 51, implying the survey is conducted on 255 individuals.

At first glance, you might sense something amiss. However, if we use 4.5k instead 4k, the survey then covers 1,100 individuals.

One SMU graduate is even making a whopping $12,000 per month, according to yesterday.


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