Secret of Singapore’s success


According to Song Eui-dal, a correspondent for South Korea’s leading daily Chosun Ilbo, Singapore’s success is attributed to top officials being paid well.

Yes, yet another compliment from yet another source.

Song’s article is published in the Business Times today.

“The top 20% of assistant division chief level officials who have worked in their positions for 5 years receive annual salaries of more than $320,000.”

Ok, this is what we already know of the elite Administrative Service salary structure.

But what is noteworthy is that the average Korean Cabinet member takes home about only half that amount. A “Cabinet member” is the equivalent of our minister. (See also salary benchmark for Singapore ministers.)

This is perhaps why Singapore ranks 1st in terms of government efficiency, whereas Korea is only 31st (World Competitive Yearbook 2007), as postulated by Song.


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