Pay Rise For Government Leaders


The government has announced the planned 2nd round of pay increase for Administrative Service officers (see this too), and political, judicial and statutory appointment holders.

The increase will take effect from Jan 1, 2008.

New Monthly Pay

  • The President will receive $119,520 per month, up from $104,840 currently (14% increase).
  • The Prime Minister will receive $115,920 per month, up from $101,680 currently (also 14% increase).
  • Ministers and senior permanent secretaries at MR4 grade will receive $59,760 per month, up from $52,420 currently (also 14% increase).
  • Administrative officers at SR9 superscale grade will receive $18,240 per month, up from $17,530 currently (4% increase).
  • Members of Parliament (who may also run businesses and hold other full-time jobs) will receive an allowance of $13,710 per month, up from the current $13,200 (3.9% increase).

New Annual Pay

If bonuses are included, the annual pay can be more than 12 times that of the monthly pay. These are the announced new annual pay:

  • President $3,870,000 (21.43% up from the current $3,187,100)
  • Prime Minister $3,760,000 (21.64% up from the current $3,091,200)
  • Ministers/Snr Perm Sects $1,940,000 (21.74% up from the current $1,593,500)
  • AOs at SR9 grade $398,000 (3.65% up from the current $384,000)
  • Member of Parliaments $225,000 (4.02% up from the current $216,300)

The government will make further pay adjustments next year (2008).


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  1. Spotted in Dec 14 Straits Times:
    “… if your minister can go and head an MNC, then paying well makes sense from a purely retention point of view.”
    – Mr Mark Ellwood, MD of Robert Walters Singapore.

  2. Masindi, GLC is short for government-linked company, while MNC means multi-national corporation. To answer your question, no, GLC is not equivalent to MNC. But I can think of one GLC that can arguably qualify to be also called an MNC – Singtel.

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  4. to yawn:

    so what do u expect?

    total income earned in the country divided by the country’s population?

    the world is not equal but it is fair in the sense of the ministers earning that much.

  5. I have no issue with the Prime Minister and Ministers earning that much.

    But the issue is the President don’t seem to do a lot of work.

    If most people were that capable, I think most will choose to be a President in Singapore.

  6. Best-Paying Jobs in Singapore should include President, Prime Minister, Ministers/Snr Perm Sects, AOs at SR9 grade & Member of Parliaments.

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