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Following some NUS ads, the NUS Business School now places a full-page ad in Straits Times today.

The ad featured 3 guys, all from the bulge bracket investment bank Goldman Sachs. They are fresh graduate Joshua Huang joining as an Analyst, Kee Poir-Mok who is an MD, and Yap Kian Pin who is an ED.

Kee lets on that NUS Business School submits a list of about two dozen candidates to GS every year. But it is not mentioned how many managed to get hired.

I hope these 3 guys are not the only NUS graduates who made it to GS. (If you are a smart kid born to a rich family, there’s an almost surefire way to get into investment banking.)

NUS still has not official released its graduate employment survey (well, at least, the major papers have not reported it). But the ad repeats what the previous ads said:

70% of NUS Business School graduates secured jobs before graduation with top 20% (BBA Honours) drawing an average monthly salary of $5,046 and top salary hitting $11,500 before bonuses.


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  1. If investment banks like GS or consultancies hire local grads, these local unis won’t need to be placing newspaper ads.

    No one in the US has ever seen Harvard, Yale or MIT place adverts.

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